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Interleague - 2018

Interleague 2018

The format for the group stage will be as follows:

Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top
R1 M1: Team A v Team B
R1 M2: Team C v Team D
R2 M1: Loser R1 M1 v Loser R1 M2
R2 M2: Winner R1 M1 v Winner R1 M2 (winner wins group)
R3 M1: Loser R2 M2 v Winner R2 M1 (winner is group runner-up)
All matches are best of 18 frames.
A 9-9 score in the group stage will result in a 1 frame playoff.
Each team captain will be given the start time and table for their first match
when they register their team on Friday, between 8pm and 10:30pm.

The format for the knockout stage will be as follows:

A random draw will be made.
In the first round of the KO, group winners will play group runner-ups.
All matches are best of 18 frames.
A 9-9 score in the KO stage will result in a 3 frame playoff.

Group 1

Stapleford110Peterborough A
Hayes & Uxbridge A810Coventry 1
Stapleford610Hayes & Uxbridge A
Peterborough A108Coventry 1
Coventry 1102Hayes & Uxbridge A

Group 2

Flitwick 45ers410Hammersmith A
Finedon F*okers103Ashbourne
Flitwick 45ers102Ashbourne
Hammersmith A106Finedon F*okers
Finedon F*okers106Flitwick 45ers

Group 3

Andover103Chelmsford A
Macclesfield A100Dawley B
Chelmsford A100Dawley B
Andover104Macclesfield A
Macclesfield A910Chelmsford A

Group 4

Dawley A106Folkestone B
Eastwood And District310Chorley B
Folkestone B107Eastwood And District
Dawley A810Chorley B
Dawley A105Folkestone B

Group 5

Gosport104Flitwick Foxes
Flitwick Foxes109Barratts
Atherton105Flitwick Foxes

Group 6

St Neots A109Northwich A
Folkestone A105Shrewsbury B
Northwich A109Shrewsbury B
St Neots A108Folkestone A
Folkestone A310Northwich A

Group 7

Kendal A410Mermaid A
Clacton B910Stoke Plaza
Kendal A310Clacton B
Mermaid A810Stoke Plaza
Mermaid A102Clacton B

Group 8

Sheppey A610Lancaster A
Nottingham A107Cambridge
Sheppey A310Cambridge
Lancaster A610Nottingham A
Lancaster A510Cambridge

Group 9

Medway A910Shrewsbury Pl
Clacton A105Shrewsbury Pl
Medway A610Clacton A

Group 10

Lennon's610Ncple Coopers C
Lowestoft A410Maidenhead A
Lennon's101Lowestoft A
Ncple Coopers C210Maidenhead A
Ncple Coopers C610Lennon's

Group 11

Savs Arena510Norwich A
Mermaid B107Bourne Bandits
Savs Arena104Bourne Bandits
Norwich A102Mermaid B
Mermaid B810Savs Arena

Group 12

The Club109Bar 8
Cambridge Snooker Centre810Medway Outsiders
Bar 8108Cambridge Snooker Centre
The Club109Medway Outsiders
Medway Outsiders108Bar 8

Group 13

Norwich Aces910Central Cornwall Elite
Rochester610Sun Valley
Norwich Aces710Rochester
Central Cornwall Elite910Sun Valley
Central Cornwall Elite109Rochester

Group 14

Kendal B710Whitecliffs Dover
N.E.Norfolk510Central Cars
Kendal B106N.E.Norfolk
Whitecliffs Dover109Central Cars
Central Cars910Kendal B

Group 15

Battersea A410Colchester
Gwynnes Bh's210Cannock Chase
Battersea A103Gwynnes Bh's
Colchester108Cannock Chase
Cannock Chase105Battersea A

Group 16

Leek A104Battersea B
Saint Albans710Milnsbridge Liberal Club
Battersea B105Saint Albans
Leek A109Milnsbridge Liberal Club
Milnsbridge Liberal Club102Battersea B

Group 17

Kirkburton210Diss Cue Club
London City810Stone League
Kirkburton106London City
Diss Cue Club610Stone League
Diss Cue Club108Kirkburton

Group 18

Harlow A109Dinnington
NCLPE A Mecca106S.L.K.P.A. 2
Dinnington103S.L.K.P.A. 2
Harlow A108NCLPE A Mecca
NCLPE A Mecca910Dinnington

Group 19

Rugby Z107S.L.K.P.A.
Mickey Flynns102North Staffs
S.L.K.P.A.109North Staffs
Rugby Z210Mickey Flynns
Rugby Z106S.L.K.P.A.

Group 20

Waterloo 2910Ipswich A
Long Eaton106Radstock
Waterloo 2105Radstock
Ipswich A103Long Eaton
Long Eaton107Waterloo 2

Group 21

Peterborough Court410TT Players
Waterloo104East Leeds
Peterborough Court810East Leeds
TT Players108Waterloo
Waterloo104East Leeds

Group 22

Bicester B810Blackwater Sidewalks
147 A Leicester103Ipswich Boom Boyz
Bicester B107Ipswich Boom Boyz
Blackwater Sidewalks510147 A Leicester
Blackwater Sidewalks109Bicester B

Group 23

Exeter Allstars A102Manningtree
Croydon B410Exeter Allstars A
Manningtree610Croydon B

Group 24

Guildford103City Of Leicester
Mercury Saints510Guildford
City Of Leicester710Mercury Saints

Group 25

Normans Elite104Romney Marsh A
Swinton Wmc710Normans Elite
Romney Marsh A910Swinton Wmc

Group 26

Workington Jj's105Bognor
Lowestoft Town106Workington Jj's
Bognor107Lowestoft Town

Group 27

Reigate A105Darlaston Invitational
Taunton Somerset Inn106Reigate A
Darlaston Invitational310Taunton Somerset Inn

Group 28

Walkley107Bishops Stortford
Brighton X106Walkley
Bishops Stortford810Brighton X

Group 29

Sandwell Sundays109Corn Exchange
Nuneaton Town910Sandwell Sundays
Corn Exchange103Nuneaton Town

Group 30

Sawley710Horsham A
Black Country Mondays104Horsham A
Sawley910Black Country Mondays

Group 31

Mid Herts610Mid Sussex A
Witney210Mid Sussex A
Mid Herts810Witney

Group 32

Brighton A610Stowmarket
Sportsman All Stars106Stowmarket
Brighton A106Sportsman All Stars

Last 64 (18)

Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top
Peterborough A106Savs Arena
Nottingham A106Medway Outsiders
Stoke Plaza105Milnsbridge Liberal Club
Gosport911Shrewsbury Pl
Andover911Central Cornwall Elite
Hammersmith A104Cannock Chase
Chorley B108Kendal B
St Neots A710Lennon's
Maidenhead A310Northwich A
Clacton A107Cambridge
The Club106Chelmsford A
Leek A104Finedon F*okers
Sun Valley103Coventry 1
Norwich A105Dawley A
Whitecliffs Dover105Mermaid A
Mickey Flynns105Walkley
Harlow A810Swinton Wmc
Stone League810Horsham A
TT Players105Sportsman All Stars
Exeter Allstars A911Reigate A
Ipswich A106Workington Jj's
147 A Leicester105Corn Exchange
Lowestoft Town106Rugby Z
Taunton Somerset Inn911Waterloo
Brighton X105Blackwater Sidewalks
Brighton A107Dinnington
Mid Sussex A106Diss Cue Club
Black Country Mondays810Long Eaton
Normans Elite103Mercury Saints
Sandwell Sundays105Croydon B

Last 32 (18)

Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top

Sun 29th April 9am

Peterborough A104Nottingham A
Stoke Plaza105Shrewsbury Pl
Central Cornwall Elite310Hammersmith A
Chorley B310Lennon's
Northwich A119Clacton A
The Club610Colchester
Leek A710Sun Valley
Norwich A106Whitecliffs Dover
Mickey Flynns107Swinton Wmc
Horsham A710TT Players
Reigate A106Guildford
Ipswich A310147 A Leicester
Lowestoft Town410Waterloo
Brighton X610Brighton A
Mid Sussex A108Long Eaton
Normans Elite119Sandwell Sundays

Last 16 (18)

Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top
Peterborough A104Stoke Plaza
Hammersmith A810Lennon's
Northwich A410Colchester
Sun Valley810Norwich A
Mickey Flynns104TT Players
Reigate A410147 A Leicester
Waterloo110Brighton A
Mid Sussex A310Normans Elite

Quarter Final (18)

Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top
Peterborough A103Lennon's
Colchester108Norwich A
Mickey Flynns108147 A Leicester
Brighton A510Normans Elite

Semi Final (18)

Peterborough A810Colchester
Mickey Flynns102Normans Elite

Final (18)

Colchester1110Mickey Flynns

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