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Champions Hall of Fame

Here you will find all of the most current EPA, World and European champions for all events.

EPA Events

Year Event Winner(s) Runner(s) Up
2021 Champion of Champions Ladies Harriet Haynes Emma Cunningham
2021 Champion of Champions Men's Alex Lewis Dan Eaton-Lees
2021 Champion of Champions Team Wolverhapton Wednesdays Racks WOFTAM
2019 Golden Cue 3 Times a Mullaney Unnecessary Side Beds
2019 Grand Prix Junior's Jaden Billingham Ladis Cuprik
2019 Grand Prix Ladies Harriet Haynes Kirsty Shepherd
2019 Grand Prix Men's Enrico Forgione Giuseppe D'Imperio
2019 Grand Prix Senior's Jason Ford Dylan Leary
2020 Intercounty Junior's West Midlands A Kent
2020 Intercounty Junior's KO Cup Warwickshire Cornwall
2020 Intercounty Ladies Devon Suffolk
2020 Intercounty Ladies KO Cup Cheshire Kent
2020 Intercounty Men's A Berkshire A Essex
2020 Intercounty Men's A KO Cup Humberside Leicestershire
2020 Intercounty Men's B Humberside Leicestershire
2020 Intercounty Men's B KO Cup West Midlands Northamptonshire
2020 Intercounty Senior's Leicestershire West Yorkshire
2020 Intercounty Senior's KO Cup Cornwall Lancashire
2020 Intercounty Under 23's Leicestershire Warwickshire
2020 Intercounty Under 23's KO Cup Cambridgeshire Cornwall
2021 Interleague Maidenhead A Sportsman All Stars
2019 Interleague KO Cup Maidenhead A Brighton X
2021 Ladies KO Cup Black Country Beavers Preston Hotpots
2021 National Amateur Ladies Barbara Taylor Katie Martyn
2021 National Amateur Men's Giuseppe D'Imperio Timothy Ripkey
2019 National Amateur Senior's Dave Neary Harris Ali
2019 National Amateur Under 23's Nathan Sanders James Willis
2019 Senior's KO Cup Surrey Seniors B Norfolk Seniors
2019 Silver Cue Romney AA Kent MSC A Kent

WEPF Events (World Championships)

Year Event Winner(s) Runner(s) Up
2019 Men's Singles Mick Hill Dom Cooney
2019 Ladies Singles Amy Beachamp Sharon James
2019 Senior's Singles James Pheeley Videsh Sabharwal
2019 Under 23's Singles Luke Gilbert Jordan Synott
2019 Junior's Singles Danyal Hussain Lee McCutcheon
2019 Wheelchair Aslam Abubaker David Beaumont
2019 Men's Team England France
2019 Ladies Team South Africa Australia
2019 Senior's Team England India
2019 Under 23's Team Ireland A England A
2019 Junior's Team England Australia
2019 Men's Masters Phil Harrison Adam Davies
2019 Ladies Masters Amy-Clair King Collette Henrikson
2019 Senior's Masters Steve Singh Steve Chambers

EEPF Events (European Championships)

Year Event Winner(s) Runner(s) Up
2020 Men's A England Malta
2020 Men's B France England
2020 Men's C Malta Belgium
2020 Ladies England Scotland
2020 Senior's England Wales
2020 Master's Ireland Scotland
2020 Under 23's Ireland Malta
2020 Junior's England Northern Ireland
2020 Men's Singles Giuseppe D'Imperio Dave Fernandez
2020 Ladies Singles Leanne Cragg Barbara Taylor
2020 Senior's Singles Adey Young Oly Bale
2020 Under 23's Singles Dejan Grech Morgan Thomas
2020 Junior's Singles Sean Walsh Chris Panayiotou



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