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Interleague - 2014

Interleague 2014
Round 1
Sat 29th March 9am
N.P.P.L.513TT Players
Leicester Elite711Afford B
Chesterfield Charity117Waterloo 2
Chesterfield108Whitecliffs Dover A
Exeter Rileys A99Eccles A
Battersea B711Cambridge S.C.
Stapleford Cue Club711A.D.S.P.L.
Rugby Rileys Z810New Barnet A
Walsall Pool Federation108C.O.B.H.P.L. A
White Rose Magicians99Long Eaton
TT Baize513Dinnington
Atherton & Wtn B810South Norfolk
Hammersmith & District C612Notts & District
Yarmouth Dp Leis135Cheshire Seniors
Mermaid A135Bicester
Afford Plaza99N.O.P.L.
Coventry 1171Blackburn
Medway A117B & D.P.L.
Reigate A810Gainsborough
Worthing315Norwich A
Alan Davis117Vale Of Belvoir
Midland Railway126St. Albans Sinners
Bury99St Neots
Leek A117Alton P. P. L.
Kendal A810Regency BHS
Clacton108Hinckley United
Haverhill414C.O.B.H.P.L. B
Nottingham A108Solway West
St Johns414S.L.K.P.A.
Central Cars315Sun Valley
Croydon711Witney Snooker 2
Mr Pools513Waterloo
London City810Ely
Hammersmith & Districts A126Leek
Leicester Lions513Kiddy Snooks
Invitation League513Afford
Regency I Boys612Wigan A
Norwich Tunmore612Dawley A
Macclesfield135Biggleswade A
Sportsman Cuemakers117Colchester
Round 2
Sat 29th March
C.L.H.P.L. A126N.P.P.L.
Lancaster612Leicester Elite
Nuneaton Oak B135Waterloo 2
Shrewsbury Pl711Whitecliffs Dover A
Worthing La612Exeter Rileys A
City Of Leicester126Battersea B
Ipswich C711Stapleford Cue Club
Cannock Chase99Rugby Rileys Z
Nuneaton A414C.O.B.H.P.L. A
Herne Bay B414Long Eaton
Frames Reigate153TT Baize
S.L.K.P.A. 2117Atherton & Wtn B
Rugby Lions612Hammersmith & District C
Rochester126Cheshire Seniors
Players Rotherham153Afford Plaza
Ipswich A126Blackburn
St. Albans Saints99B & D.P.L.
Stowmarket126Reigate A
Ncple Coopers JW99Worthing
Battersea A108Vale Of Belvoir
Torbay810St. Albans Sinners
Godalming A135Bury
Sefton & District Jj'S612Alton P. P. L.
Lye & Stourbridge108Kendal A
Mid Sussex A711Hinckley United
New Milton144Solway West
Leeds117St Johns
Romney Marsh A144Central Cars
Normans Elite144Croydon
Clitheroe108Mr Pools
Dawley B117London City
Mickey Flynns135Leek
Chelsmford M108Leicester Lions
Lowestoft Town612Invitation League
Meltis Club126Regency I Boys
Ncple Coopers GF108Norwich Tunmore
Round 3
TT Players96C.L.H.P.L. A
Afford B108Lancaster
Chesterfield Charity106Nuneaton Oak B
Chesterfield105Shrewsbury Pl
Eccles A108Worthing La
Cambridge S.C.79City Of Leicester
A.D.S.P.L.89Ipswich C
New Barnet A610Cannock Chase
Walsall Pool Federation95Nuneaton A
White Rose Magicians114Herne Bay B
Dinnington39Frames Reigate
South Norfolk106S.L.K.P.A. 2
Notts & District88Rugby Lions
Yarmouth Dp Leis410Rochester
Mermaid A99Peterborough
N.O.P.L.39Players Rotherham
Coventry 1810Ipswich A
Medway A98St. Albans Saints
Norwich A99Ncple Coopers JW
Alan Davis97Battersea A
Midland Railway126Torbay
St Neots79Godalming A
Leek A94Sefton & District Jj'S
Regency BHS104Lye & Stourbridge
Clacton99Mid Sussex A
C.O.B.H.P.L. B711Witney
Nottingham A103New Milton
Sun Valley93Romney Marsh A
Witney Snooker 239Normans Elite
Ely101Dawley B
Hammersmith & Districts A59Mickey Flynns
Kiddy Snooks107Chelsmford M
Afford64Lowestoft Town
Wigan A510Meltis Club
Dawley A98Ncple Coopers GF
Biggleswade A513Macclesfield
Colchester38Sportsman Cuemakers
Round 4
Walsall Pool Federation108Leeds
Afford106Dawley A
Medway A410Players Rotherham
Regency BHS410A.D.S.P.L.
Normans Elite106Afford B
Frames Reigate810Meltis Club
Alan Davis911Midland Railway
TT Players119Nottingham A
Sun Valley100Bye
Leek A100Bye
Chesterfield Charity100Bye
C.O.B.H.P.L. B100Bye
Cannock Chase100Bye
Sportsman Cuemakers100Bye
Exeter Rileys A100Bye
Ipswich A100Bye
South Norfolk100Bye
Long Eaton100Bye
Notts & District100Bye
City Of Leicester100Bye
Kiddy Snooks100Bye
Godalming A100Bye
Mickey Flynns100Bye
Norwich A100Bye
Round 5
Walsall Pool Federation310Afford
Players Rotherham104A.D.S.P.L.
Normans Elite106Meltis Club
Midland Railway108TT Players
Sun Valley104Chesterfield
Leek A911Chesterfield Charity
Waterloo1110C.O.B.H.P.L. B
Cannock Chase107Sportsman Cuemakers
Clacton119Exeter Rileys A
Ipswich A610South Norfolk
Long Eaton610Rochester
Notts & District104Macclesfield
City Of Leicester1011Gainsborough
Ely911Kiddy Snooks
Peterborough103Godalming A
Mickey Flynns107Norwich A
Last 16
Sun 30th March 9am
Afford410Players Rotherham
Normans Elite104Midland Railway
Sun Valley108Chesterfield Charity
Waterloo119Cannock Chase
Clacton510South Norfolk
Rochester106Notts & District
Gainsborough107Kiddy Snooks
Peterborough106Mickey Flynns
Quarter Final
Sun 30th March
Players Rotherham610Normans Elite
Sun Valley1110Waterloo
South Norfolk710Rochester
Semi Final
Normans Elite107Sun Valley
Normans Elite103Peterborough
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