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EPA Region 7


The following counties make up the EPA Region 7. You can click on a county name to go directly to their own information page:


The regional committee includes representatives from all of the member counties, and the following officers:

  • Region Director - Barbara Taylor (Kent)
  • Assistant Director - Les Church (Kent)
  • Secretary - Phil Davis (Hampshire)
  • Treasurer - Jason Davies (Kent)

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Region 7 OutlineRegion 7 Pool Association was established in 1986 and to present day includes the Counties of Berkshire, Hampshire, Kent, London, Surrey and Sussex.

Several people were instrumental in the starting of the Region including Brian Dackombe, who was credited with devising the swiss system. Bob & Anne Taylor who were involved in drafting the constitution and county match rules with the EPA. Jim Miles and 'Big' Ron Deuignen should also be mentioned for their hard work establishing the ethics that have made the Region so strong.

One of the major reasons Region 7 does so well is the work of everyone involved from players to Regional Officers. Strong working relationships are evident among all counties and everyone works for each other as one team.

Region 7 started with a Mens A, Mens B and Ladies division in 1986 but by 1990, due to advertising the sport by the above mentioned and many others, a Mens C division was added. Finally by 1995 a Junior division was completed and those are the categories still being played today. However, the 2012 season will see the introduction of an Over 50's division.

Region 7 has had varied amounts of success in National competitions over the years and has provided many internationals showing the strengths we have in our area. One reason believed for this success is a strong interest in the development of the junior players and having a C division has helped in their progression into mens pool.

A successful Region Tour has been running for the last 10 years along with the Region Open and County Opens.

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