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In order to make management of our Pool playing nation easier we have split the country into different geographical areas, called Regions. From 2011, the Regions were numbered one through to eight. There is also a Region 9 which is for the Referees Association.

It is the Region's job, primarily, to administer all aspects of Pool within their boundaries and to ensure that the wishes of their members are carried out.

There is a model regional constitution in the EPA handbook in which states that the Regional committees shall consist of three elected officers, Regional Director, Regional Treasurer and a Regional National Delegate plus delegates sent by the member County associations plus an EPRA delegate selected by the Region's referees.

To find out the exact contents of your Region's constitution, please contact your Regional Director.

Part of the administration duties for the Regions is to organise the Inter-County matches within their Region and various individual competitions.

The regional committees send two of their members, one of which is the Regional Director, to national meetings to form, along with the executive officers, the National Committee.

 Region 1 

East Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
Tyne and Wear

 Region 2 

West Yorkshire

 Region 3 

West Midlands

 Region 4 


 Region 5 


 Region 6 

Isle of Wight

 Region 7 


 Region 8 

South Yorkshire

 Region 9 


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About Each Region

Below you will find more information about each of the Regions in their own words.

E.P.A. REGION 1 (website)

Region 1 has been in existence for approximately 30 years and it constitutes counties from across the North East of England. Over the years we have had counties from as north as Northumberland and as south as South Yorkshire. At present our region consists of Cleveland, Durham, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Northumberland counties.

Our players are talented and dedicated to the sport and this has been shown by the increase of England Team members and Inter County finalists. At present our region has 1 man and 3 ladies in their respective England teams. We also have an U21 England player, an U18 England player and 2 Senior England team players, of which one was the World Champion 2011.

At the Inter County Finals in Gt Yarmouth our region always competes to the highest standard with Cleveland Youth team becoming Inter County National Champions in 2012 having been Inter County R/up in 2011. The Cleveland Ladies team were Inter County R/up in 2011.

The KO Cup (which has only been in existence since 2010) has seen Region 1 Ladies Teams stamp their authority and put the region on the map by winning the competition in all 3 years - Cleveland Ladies in 2012 and 2010 and South Yorkshire Ladies in 2011. In the 1st year following a wild card entry and great matches the final was a Region 1 final - Cleveland Ladies v North Yorkshire Ladies.



Region 2 is based in the heart of the North of England, and is made up of the following 6 counties: Cheshire, Cumbria, GMC, Lancashire, Merseyside, West Yorkshire.

History and Hall of Fame

There have been a number of well known players and members of Region 2 over the years, some of these attaining World Championship player status, e.g. Chris Melling and Mick Hill. Region 2 was also fortunate enough to have a former EPA Chairman, George Harwood, as it's Region 2 Director. This worked well with the wealth of knowledge that George had to offer, and almost certainly contributed to the Region's success.


Region 2 focuses a great deal of attention on the development of the youth players game. Over the years, the Youth Grands Prix have been well attended throughout the Region 2 Counties, making this a very challenging competition for the youth players at Regional level, with some of the players making it all the way to the National finals. The strength of Region 2 youth players continues to flourish, making the Youth County teams a force to be reckoned with.


Following the success of the Senior Grands Prix which the EPA introduced, Region 2 decided to trial Senior Intercounty fixtures on a 'friendly' basis for the latter part of 2010 at their intercounty fixtures. This proved a great success and continued into 2011 with a 5 person Senior Intercounty team, playing on the same date as the Adult intercounty fixtures. The Region 2 counties continually strive to support this.


Large interleague structures in counties
Strength of teams - interleague finals/knockout cup
Normans Elite - National Champions in 2009
Triangle - KO Cup Winners in 2004 & 2005
Preston South reaching the semi - finals in 2010

Registered Members

Largest number of Registered players - due to interleague strength

Our Strength

Good working Committee
Knowledgeable people
England managers

E.P.A. REGION 3 (website)

Region 3 boasts to be the first Region to be set up in the English Pool Association, with the first National Secretary coming from Staffordshire, Stan Bent.

Region 3 are a very strong Pool playing area and have had considerable success on the National stage. We can lay claim to having won the first ever Ladies Inter-County National title when West Midlands County, (1986) set the standard for the rest to follow.

Since then the Region have laid claims to the title a number of times:-

Here is our Hall of Fame making Region 3 one of the best in EPA:-

Mens' A

Shropshire 1996
Staffordshire 1991, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 2002

Mens' B

Staffordshire 1996, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007
West Midlands 2002


West Midlands 1986
Shropshire 1994
Staffordshire 2003 and 2002


West Midlands 1995 and 1996
Staffordshire 2007

From 2010 a new competition added, the Knock-Out Cup, (For all Region runner ups). Staffordshire 2010

As you can see, both Staffordshire A and B Men took the title with three back to back successes.

West Mids youth went a total of 53 matches without a loss (there was one draw) and we made appearances at Great Yarmouth approx 11 or 12 times winning twice in succession.

Staffordshire Ladies have won it twice then the Juniors won their title as well. Shropshire A won the title once.

West Mids Youth and Staffordshire Youth were the first two Youth teams in Region 3 and, with East Lancashire were the first Youth teams in the country. West Midlands Youth took the highlight between 2002 -2007 winning 55 matches without loss. In 2002 West Midlands B took the honour. West Midlands Youth won the National Inter County finals in 2010 & 2011.

West Midlands Youth were the 2nd youth team in the country to have a 'B' team. Gloucester were the first, and they lasted 5 months. West Midlands had a 'B' youth team for about 10 years. The second team to do so, the other being Kent. Runners up 4 times.

We have a pretty high profile in the Inter-league as well with teams representing our Region reaching the last eight on no less than five occasions in recent history. Shrewsbury, Dawley, Walsall A, Cannock and South Staffordshire being the five teams in question, have all played their part in making our Region one to be feared on the National stage. Wolverhampton pool league won it in the early days but since 2002 the Region have dominated the event with Trent Trophies 3 wins, Dawley A.

In 2002 Trent Trophies added to their collection the National knockout cup and just for good measure, 2007 Trent Trophies took it again, this as been done 13 times.

Wolverhampton Wednesday won the first ever National Champion of Champions event The Region are also proud of their players that have played at International level. Big names in our sport have also carried the flag for the Region in National and World Championships, Mick Hill, Lee Kendall, Adam Davis and Gareth Potts 3 times World Champion. Region 3 are proud of their Region with all these titles under their belt and this makes them the most successful Region in EPA Region 3 was reformed in 2010 and incorporates West Midlands, Shropshire, Staffordshire, and Worcestershire & Herefordshire. The last two Counties moved from Region 5 to make up the new Region.

E.P.A. REGION 4 (website)

Our region (E.P.A. Region 4) covers geographically a vast area from the relatively small Hertfordshire bordering on North London and Bedfordshire, They might be small in size but both have played hosts to some the nation's greatest historical events whilst also playing it's part in some of it's darkest moments too.

Region 4 also plays home to the vast open spaces of Essex where Constable did a lot of the painting that still commands the World's interest.

Norfolk can lay claim to being the home town of one of the nation's number one heroes in Nelson, We also have the farming heartland of the south of England in Suffolk where Cardinal Thomas Wolsey set the seal on England becoming a protestant nation with his refusal to grant Henry VIII a divorce.

We Also have one of the world's oldest seats of learning in the shape of the many colleges of Cambridge University.

Our region has had many of our nation's most historic events enacted within our Counties.

E.P.A. Region Four has been blessed with some of the world's most famous and influential people calling one of our Counties their home.

Now let's get down to Pool. It is our job to attend to all matters relating to pool in our region and to relay the thoughts and feelings of our members to the National body. From the players side of the fence, we administer the Region Four Inter County Championships. An event where our six counties, Men's A and B, Ladies, Junior & Senior teams hope to become the Region Four champions of their section. The prize for achieving this, apart from the honour of course, is to be our representatives in the National Intercounty finals held each year in Great Yarmouth, which coincidentally, is in our Region.

Our playing season usually starts in February and matches are usually played on the second Sunday of each month, we do have a summer break in August owing to the general heat in the region during the height of summer, you can check who is playing whom and where they are playing them with the fixture list As the season progresses, you can check the results and tables pages for the current season as well as our ranking lists for the Men, Ladies & Youth Intercounty players of our Region through the EPA website.


Welcome to Region 5 of the English Pool Association. Region 5 consists of six counties:

  • Buckinghamshire
  • Gloucestershire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Warwickshire
  • Wiltshire


Home Venue: Herald Sporting Club, Millers Way, Milton Keynes MK12 5EL

Teams: Bucks A, Bucks B, Bucks Seniors A

History: Original members of Region 5. Buckinghamshire have enjoyed some success in Region 5 with a couple of regional titles for the men plus a long line of success for their ladies team before their demise as a team. A few players have qualified for the England Teams at Ladies and Under 21 level, with a lot of players having England Trials. Buckinghamshire have also recently started up their Interleague setup as well.


Home Venue: Top Q, 9 Southbrook Rd, Gloucester GL4 3YY

Teams: Gloucs A, Gloucs B, Gloucs Ladies, Gloucs Seniors A

History: Original members of Region 5. Gloucestershire have also enjoyed some success in Region 5 with a Regional Title to their name plus several players having England Trials. They also have in their ranks a current Wales International Player.


Home Venue: Coopers, Park Rd, Wellingborough NN8 4PG

Teams: Northants A, Northants B, Northants Ladies, Northants Seniors A, Northants Seniors B, Northants Youth

History: Original members of Region 5. Northamptonshire has enjoyed a long line of success in Region 5 winning the Regional titles more than any other county in the Region. The A Team has also won a national title, plus runners up as well. The B team has also won a national title. They have had several England Players from all their teams with two players, Stacey Vine who became World Seniors individual champion and Linda Leadbitter who is a four time World Individual Ladies Champion, being the biggest individual successes. The county has always had a good youth set up. Northamptonshire also run a good interleague setup with teams having some success at national levels, with the ladies winning a National Title.


Home Venue: Witney Pool Club, Units 2/4, Eagle Industrial Estate, Church Green, Witney, Oxfordshire OX28 4YR

Teams: Oxon A, Oxon B, Oxon Ladies, Oxon Seniors A

History: Original members of Region 5. Oxfordshire has enjoyed some success in Region 5, with the ladies in particular winning Regional titles on a regular basis. The ladies have also had players representing England as well as several England Trialists. Oxfordshire also run a good interleague setup with regular representation at National competitions.


Home Venue: Riley's, Hertford Place Sporting Centre, Butts Rd, Coventry, West Midlands CV1 3JZ

Teams: Warwickshire A, Warwickshire B, Warwickshire Ladies, Warwickshire Seniors A, Warwickshire Seniors B, Warwickshire Youth

History: Original Members of Region 5. Warwickshire has enjoyed good success in Region 5 with several regional titles to their name plus several players representing England. Warwickshire also run a very good youth set up. Warwickshire also run a good interleague setup as well with success for its teams at the national competitions.

E.P.A. REGION 6 (website)

The Region consists of 5 Counties, Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. These Counties have been in this Region for a considerable amount of time.

The Region has had several England players over the years, too many to mention but one man who seems to go on even though over 50 now is Keith Brewer who is still playing for England as a Senior.

E.P.A. REGION 7 (website)

Region 7 Pool Association was established in 1986 and to present day includes the Counties of Berkshire, Hampshire, Kent, London, Surrey and Sussex.

Several people were instrumental in the starting of the Region including Brian Dackombe, who was credited with devising the swiss system. Bob & Anne Taylor who were involved in drafting the constitution and county match rules with the EPA. Jim Miles and 'Big' Ron Deuignen should also be mentioned for their hard work establishing the ethics that have made the Region so strong.

One of the major reasons Region 7 does so well is the work of everyone involved from players to Regional Officers. Strong working relationships are evident among all counties and everyone works for each other as one team.

Region 7 started with a Mens A, Mens B and Ladies division in 1986 but by 1990, due to advertising the sport by the above mentioned and many others, a Mens C division was added. Finally by 1995 a Junior division was completed and those are the categories still being played today. However, the 2012 season will see the introduction of an Over 50's division.

Region 7 has had varied amounts of success in National competitions over the years and has provided many internationals showing the strengths we have in our area. One reason believed for this success is a strong interest in the development of the junior players and having a C division has helped in their progression into mens pool.

A successful Region Tour has been running for the last 10 years along with the Region Open and County Opens.

For more information please go to www.region7pool.com


The current incarnation of 'Region 8' of the English Pool Association began in 2011 following the EPA AGM decision the previous year to move from a seven-region system to one of eight regions. Formerly part of Region 1, Humberside and South Yorkshire joined the County Pool Associations of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire from the old Region 3 in forming the new Region 8.

The Region's primary function is to organise an 'inter-county' team league, ongoing throughout each calendar year, where the counties compete against each other on a home-and-away basis in Men's 'A', Men's 'B', Ladies, and Seniors (over-50s) sections. The top two teams in each category qualify for national finals, while the best-performing individuals earn the right to compete for places in the England teams. There is also a Youth inter-county section and an 'inter-league' set-up within all counties apart from Humberside.

In total the Region has 35 different pool leagues affiliated to the English Pool Association via their counties, representing a total of 1,100 teams with approximately 6,500 regular pool players. Of those players 730 are registered members of the EPA and play either Inter County or Inter League pool.

Our National Inter County Champions (so far):
2014 Men's A Leicestershire
2014 Juniors Leicestershire
2014 Seniors Lincolnshire (R/Up Nottinghamshire)
2015 Men's B Humberside
2015 Ladies Nottinghamshire
2015 Juniors Leicestershire
Our National Inter County KO Cup Champions (so far):
2011 Men's A Leicestershire (R/Up Nottinghamshire)
2011 Men's B Leicestershire (R/Up Derbyshire)
2011 Ladies South Yorkshire (R/Up Nottinghamshire)
2012 Men's B Leicestershire
2013 Seniors Leicestershire
Our Top of National Rankings (so far):
2011 Ladies Michelle Brown (Leicestershire)
2012 Men's Gavin Lomax (Leicestershire)
2013 Men's Temujin Dixon (Leicestershire)

The Region's officers collectively have the better part of 35 years' experience of pool administration at regional level, as well as a combined total of nearly 45 years within their own counties. At the same time though, all remain keen players and are thus well in-touch with the general membership.

Region 8 is represented at EPA national committee meetings by Regional Director Sharon Lunn, and Results Co-ordinator Melanie Fernandez. Sharon is a mainstay player for the South Yorkshire Ladies team and has also been a regular England Ladies team player since 1993. Completing the Region's executive committee is Treasurer Sam Wilson, currently also the Nottinghamshire CPA Treasurer and formerly of Nottinghamshire's Ladies inter-county team.

Please direct enquiries regarding pool in Region 8 via your own county in the first instance, however if necessary the Region can be contacted directly by emailing r8director@epa.org.uk

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