EPA-Logo-New-Full-Colour Recognised by Sport England as the Governing Body for Pool in England Sport-England-Badge


This page contains downloads of the EPA logos which are made freely available to anyone who wishes to use them for their own purposes.

The only condition that we ask in return for the use of these images is that you do not edit them in any way and if you are using them in a web environment online, that you add a hyperlink behind the logo back to the home page of this website to open in a new tab in the user's browser.

All the file groups contain a selection of files in a variety of single colours and also in full colour, so can be used in almost any environment and on any style of background.

Each download is a .zip file and contains the file(s) as described in a high quality format where applicable.


Portable Network Graphics (.png file extension) files are useful for adding to documentation produced in the commonly used desktop and cloud based applications like Microsoft Word etc.

These files have transparent backgrounds, except where colour is needed to make the design, and can also be used in a web environment if needed, but it is a better idea to use the .svg files below in this situation.

  Download .png Logos


Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg file extension) files can also be used in documentation files like .png but they are most at home on websites. This is because they offer exceptionally high rendering quality at very low file sizes and they can be scaled to any size without any loss of detail or pixelation.

  Download .svg Logos


Encapsulated Post Script (.eps file extension) files are vector graphics files that are requested by clothing suppliers for adding logos to team shirts etc.

These files differ from the .png and .svg versions above in that the logo design is simplified to remove shading gradient elements and some elements that are too small or intricate to be embroidered by a machine in thread. These images are not 100% faithful to the association's brand logo for these reasons, so should not be used for any other purposes other than as described here.

  Download .eps Logos

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