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World Masters Qualifiers - 2012

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Master Qualifiers
Round 2
Sat 5th May 3:30pm
Dominique Chiu14Nikki Bowns
Charlene Gibson40Zoe Denning
Kerry Ann Hunt41Jeanette Baptist
Sam Biddlecombe43Kayleigh Pilkington
Teresa Blair24Tracey Harman
Donna Elliot14Stacey Hancock
Sarah Ramsden43Carol Stephens
Anne Taylor34Nicola White
Helen Gurd24Holly Cann
Ingrid KociscakovaW0WMQ 1
Sarah NicklinW0Tammy Johns
Caroline Bowkett14Debbie Burchell
Frankie RogersW0WMQ 2
Rachel Harrington24Sonya Chapman
Lynne PinchesW0WMQ 3
Tina AlltonW0WMQ 4
Last 16
Sat 5th May 5pm
Nikki Bowns14Charlene Gibson
Kerry Ann Hunt42Sam Biddlecombe
Tracey Harman24Stacey Hancock
Sarah Ramsden42Nicola White
Holly Cann40Ingrid Kociscakova
Sarah Nicklin34Debbie Burchell
Frankie Rogers41Sonya Chapman
Lynne Pinches40Tina Allton
Quarter Final
Sat 5th May 6:30pm
Charlene Gibson41Kerry Ann Hunt
Stacey Hancock40Sarah Ramsden
Holly Cann34Debbie Burchell
Frankie Rogers24Lynne Pinches
Semi Final
Sat 5th May 7:30pm
Charlene Gibson24Stacey Hancock
Debbie Burchell40Lynne Pinches
Final - Will not be played as both players advance
Sat 5th May 8:30pm
Stacey Hancock--Debbie Burchell
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