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Ladies Tour - 2012

Tour 1
Round 1 (9)
Sat 24th March 9:30am
Michelle Brown(8)52Nicola White(N)
Helen Littlewood(21)52Helen Gurd(37)
Jackie Baker(16)54Lynne Pinches(35)
Lyndsey Roberts(14)51Polly Gillgrass(N)
Amy Dunk(29)35Leanne Cragg(N)
Amanda Booth(31)53Kayleigh Pilkington(N)
Tina Allton(22)45Lisa McGirr(33)
Sharon Lunn(15)W0Melanie Holland(N)
Jeanette Baptist(20)52Frankie Rogers(34)
Katie Henrick(7)52Cath Slater(38)
Sat 24th March 11am
Emma Senior(19)45Kelly Whitworth(N)
Theresa Sheridan(28)35Laura Pearce(N)
Liesa Conlin(9)W0Sarah Cain(39)
Collette Henriksen(2)50Lynn Blackshaw(36)
Last 32 (9)
Sat 24th March 11am
Sue Thompson(1)50Sharon Kaur(32)
Jodie Holt(25)25Amy Beauchamp(13)
Julie Fane(10)52Emma Wilkinson(18)
Sarah Ramsden(30)05Barbara Taylor(6)
Michelle Brown(8)51Stacey McConnell(17)
Helen Littlewood(21)35Jackie Baker(16)
Sat 24th March 12:30pm
Lyndsey Roberts(14)45Sharon Wright(23)
Leanne Cragg(N)51Michelle Rooney(4)
Carly Smith(3)50Amanda Booth(31)
Lisa McGirr(33)05Amy Coley(12)
Sharon Lunn(15)35Jeanette Baptist(20)
Jo Coe(24)25Katie Henrick(7)
Sharon Dickson(5)50Kelly Whitworth(N)
Laura Pearce(N)53Sue Fletcher(11)
Liesa Conlin(9)51Anne Taylor(27)
Holly Cann(26)05Collette Henriksen(2)
Last 16 (9)
Sat 24th March 2pm
Sue Thompson(1)35Amy Beauchamp(13)
Julie Fane(10)15Barbara Taylor(6)
Michelle Brown(8)35Jackie Baker(16)
Sharon Wright(23)15Leanne Cragg(N)
Carly Smith(3)51Amy Coley(12)
Jeanette Baptist(20)25Katie Henrick(7)
Sharon Dickson(5)45Laura Pearce(N)
Liesa Conlin(9)51Collette Henriksen(2)
Quarter Final (11)
Sat 24th March 4pm
Amy Beauchamp(13)64Barbara Taylor(6)
Jackie Baker(16)63Leanne Cragg(N)
Carly Smith(3)65Katie Henrick(7)
Laura Pearce(N)06Liesa Conlin(9)
Semi Final (11)
Sun 25th March 10am
Amy Beauchamp(13)65Jackie Baker(16)
Carly Smith(3)65Liesa Conlin(9)
Final (13)
Sun 25th March 12pm
Amy Beauchamp(13)73Carly Smith(3)
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