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Seniors Tour - 2011

  - Tour Draw/Results -  

Tour 1
Round 1
Keith Peck51John Elliot
Lyn DavisW0Bye 1
Keith Bryant45David Minister
Anne Taylor15Bob Love
Nick Burton35Roger Hunt
Tommy FarrellyW0Bye 2
Paul McGowan15Chris Littler
Nicholas Wells15Jeff Spence
Boyd TorodeW0Bye 3
Ian Moffat15Steve Adams
Ian TurnerW0Bye 4
Martyn Randall52Kevin Ryder
Tony CarrW0Bye 5
Shane Robinson53Glyn Martin
Mike McHale25Clive Rayson
Chris Willoughby50John Thompson
Bill RigbyW0Bye 6
Mark Bradburn45Kenny Riddell
Bob Taylor15Andy Redsull
Ian WilkinsonW0Bye 7
Graham Thompson50George Cascarino
Barry Rudlin54Rossano Pintus
Tony BaileyW0Bye 8
Tony Bowles53Micheal Oddy
Peter Sadler35Steve Cook
Peter Hallett05Phil Williams
David Styles25Les Boddy
Terry Billingham0WNick Embrey
Paul WhiteW0Alfie Megan
Paul Taylor54Stephen Quinnell
Paul Ward54Alfie Powley
Barry Hall51Brian Williams
Last 32
Keith Peck53Lyn Davis
David Minister15Bob Love
Roger Hunt52Tommy Farrelly
Chris Littler52Jeff Spence
Boyd Torode05Steve Adams
Ian Turner53Martyn Randall
Tony Carr45Shane Robinson
Clive Rayson51Chris Willoughby
Bill Rigby50Kenny Riddell
Andy Redsull52Ian Wilkinson
Graham Thompson54Barry Rudlin
Tony Bailey53Tony Bowles
Steve Cook50Phil Williams
Les Boddy51Nick Embrey
Paul White35Paul Taylor
Paul Ward15Barry Hall
Last 16
Keith Peck05Bob Love
Roger Hunt25Chris Littler
Steve Adams35Ian Turner
Shane Robinson45Clive Rayson
Bill Rigby50Andy Redsull
Graham Thompson25Tony Bailey
Steve Cook45Les Boddy
Paul Taylor54Barry Hall
Quarter Final
Bob Love05Chris Littler
Ian Turner05Clive Rayson
Bill Rigby54Tony Bailey
Les Boddy54Paul Taylor
Semi Final
Chris Littler52Clive Rayson
Bill Rigby50Les Boddy
Chris Littler61Bill Rigby
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  - Plate Draw/Results -  

Plate 1
Round 1
John ElliotW0Bye 1
Keith Bryant40Anne Taylor
Nick BurtonW0Bye 2
Paul McGowan43Nicholas Wells
Bye 30WIan Moffat
Bye 40WKevin Ryder
Bye 50WGlyn Martin
Mike McHale40John Thompson
Bye 60WMark Bradburn
Bob TaylorW0Bye 7
George Cascarino34Rossano Pintus
Bye 80WMicheal Oddy
Peter Sadler40Peter Hallett
David StylesW0Terry Billingham
Alfie Megan0WStephen Quinnell
Alfie Powley43Brian Williams
Round 2
Chris Willoughby04John Elliot
Tony Carr42Keith Bryant
Martyn Randall43Nick Burton
Boyd Torode43Paul McGowan
Jeff Spence24Ian Moffat
Tommy Farrelly24Kevin Ryder
David Minister34Glyn Martin
Lyn Davis14Mike McHale
Paul Ward40Mark Bradburn
Paul White40Bob Taylor
Nick Embrey41Rossano Pintus
Phil Williams41Micheal Oddy
Tony Bowles04Peter Sadler
Barry Rudlin24David Styles
Ian Wilkinson04Stephen Quinnell
Kenny Riddell34Alfie Powley
Last 16
John Elliot43Tony Carr
Martyn Randall41Boyd Torode
Ian Moffat42Kevin Ryder
Glyn Martin40Mike McHale
Paul Ward41Paul White
Nick Embrey14Phil Williams
Peter Sadler41David Styles
Stephen Quinnell14Alfie Powley
Quarter Final
John Elliot34Martyn Randall
Ian Moffat24Glyn Martin
Paul Ward04Phil Williams
Peter Sadler43Alfie Powley
Semi Final
Martyn Randall54Glyn Martin
Phil Williams53Peter Sadler
Martyn Randall25Phil Williams
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Image 1
Tour 4 Winner - Dave Minister
Image 2
Tour 4 Runner Up - Roger Hunt
Image 3
Plate 4 Winner - Barry Rudlin
Image 4
Plate 4 Runner Up - Paul McGowan


Grand Final Seniors Tour Weekend At the Q Room Derby

What an exciting weekend this was with yet another new name on the winning trophy this shows the quality of Senior pool players on this tour.

Paul John Eames refereed this weekend with the competence that he always brings to any event.

The plate runner up was Paul McGowan from Scotland who had to play all the weekend with a borrowed cue as his cue was travelling around still on the train where he had left it. The winner of the plate was Barry Rudlin who played out of his skin beating Paul 5 0.

Once again what a cracking final Dave Minister (Twinkle Toes) took the lead then Roger Hunt (The Tall Taurian) fought back to level the game to 5 all, Dave Minister took the deciding frame to be the tour winner of the grand final at Derby.

My thanks go out to all the players for the beautiful gifts.

Shirley Jewkes
(Tournament Director)




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