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Interleague KO Cup 2019


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136 teams shall compete for the title of
National Interleague KO Champions 2019.

Teams will be divided into groups of 4, with the group winner and
the group runner-up progressing to the knockout stage (last 64).

As usual, there will be a separate draw for the knockout stage.
Team registration
Team Registration will be as usual on the Friday night prior to
the finals, at the side of the stage from 8:00pm until 10:30pm.
Only the official team captain is allowed to register the team.

Any team that fails to register within the team registration window will
risk losing their place in the Finals (unless prior
arrangements are made with the tournament director).

Each team captain will be given the start time and table
for their first match when they register.
Each player must wear two wristbands.

a) A Vauxhall issued wristband,
proving on site residency.
These are issued en-block by Vauxhall reception to the team captain

b) An EPA playing wristband.
These are issued on an individual player basis by EPA security,
either Friday 6pm to 10:30pm or Saturday from 9am.

Players due to play at 9am on Saturday are advised to obtain this wristband on Friday evening.

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