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Men's A Table
1.Northumberland A18
2.North Yorkshire A15
3.Cleveland A15
4.Durham A7
5.East Yorkshire A4
Men's B Table
1.Northumberland B24
2.Cleveland B15
3.North Yorkshire B12
4.East Yorkshire B6
5.Durham B3
Ladies Table
1.Cleveland L21
2.East Yorkshire L12
3.Northumberland L9
4.North Yorkshire L8
5.Durham L3
Men's Leading players
 1.Chris GillNorthumberland A78
 2.Craig LauderCleveland A66
 3.Colin RichesNorthumberland A66
Steve ThompsonNorthumberland A66
Jake NewloveEast Yorkshire A66
Matt RowlandNorth Yorkshire A66
Stuart LangfordCleveland A66
 8.Kev RainbowDurham A63
 9.Simon BakerDurham A63
10.Nick MurtaghNorthumberland A60
Ladies Leading players
 1.Dawn PaylorNorth Yorkshire L81
 2.Lindsey RiggCleveland L78
 3.Anne-Louise ArkleCleveland L75
 4.Kate HarrisonEast Yorkshire L72
Melanie HollandCleveland L72
 6.Nikki BownsNorthumberland L69
 7.Lisa Marie WrayNorthumberland L66
 8.Louise EtheringtonCleveland L66
Nicola WhiteCleveland L66
Emma WilkinsonCleveland L66

Region 1 Adult Inter County 2013

Last updated on 2/1/2014 at 23:32

Venues Outstanding
Team stats
Cleveland Cleveland L Durham Durham L
East Yorkshire East Yorkshire L North Yorkshire North Yorkshire L
Northumberland Northumberland L    
Men's A Fixtures Matrix Matches Table
Men's B Fixtures Matrix Matches Table
Ladies Fixtures Matrix Matches Table
The Monthly draw for 2013 will be 7 days after each months county date - results will be sent via email to each county rep and you will have 30 days to submit a claim to the Regional Director.
Numbers are between 1-36 and each county has 42 tickets at 1 - and two prizes - 1st prize 75 pound and 2nd prize 25

Month Colour Ticket Draw Result

February Brown
1st Prize 5/16 2nd prize 12/29
1st prize - Durham 2nd prize - East Yorks
March Sky Blue
1st Prize 19/30 2nd Prize 7/27

April Orange
1st prize 3/17 2nd prize 9/22
1st Prize - East Yorks 2nd Prize - Cleveland

May Black
1st prize 2/33 2nd Pirze 23/26
1st Prize - East Yorks 2nd Prize - Cleveland

June Ivy
1sr Prize 8/21 2nd Prize 1/15 2nd Prize Durham

July Pale Blue
st Prize 15/24 2nd prize 18/23
1st Prize - Durham 2nd Prize - East Yorkshire
August Lime
1st prize 01/09 2nd Pize 09/13
2nd prize won by East Yrks

September Red 1st prize 7/10 2nd prize 12/21
to be claimed by Saturdary 10th November

October PInk 1st prize 1/11 2nd prize 4/6
to be claimed by Saturday 10th November

November Purple 1st Prize 6/30 2nd Prize 16/26

to be cliamed by 30th November
Matches and Results
Match 1
Match 2
Match 3
Match 4
Match 5
Match 6
Match 7
Match 8
Match 9
Match 10

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