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Golden Cue - 2015



Image 1
Golden Cue Winners 2015 - ASC Choppers Norfolk
Image 2
Golden Cue Runners Up 2015 - Locomotive Bashers
Image 3
Golden Cue Semi Finalists 2015 - Legends Dk's Essex
Image 4
Golden Cue Semi Finalists 2015 - Crawley Rugby Club
Image 5
Golden Cue Singles Winner - Sam Bircher
Image 6
Golden Cue Singles Runner Up - Paul Maloney
Image 7
Golden Cue Singles Semi Finalist - Steve Witkiewicz

Image 8
Golden Cue Singles Semi Finalist - Dan Eaton-Lees


Golden Cue 2015

Three Hundred and Twenty teams headed for Vauxhall Holiday Park for the 3 Man Golden Cue competition. There were some notable teams knocked out in the early rounds as Racks Masters (Berks) beat Players Sports (S. Yorks) 5-1, with Mark Singleton, Duncan Saxton, and Ralph Winfield taking the early exit, as did Mickey Flynns (Cambs) with Phil Harrison, Rich Wharton, and Rich Jones going down 5-4 to Shades A (Herts), Michael Whaley, Richard Needham, and Gary Greenwood lost 5-4 to Norman Snooker (Lancs). Another 5-4 loss saw the Brickmakers (Norfolk) fall to the Cue Masters (Surrey), Sportsman A (Lincs) with Neil Davey, Gary Wilkins, and Shane Balding lost 5-3 to Bailey Boos (S. Yorks), Rob Oldfield, Andrew Lister, and Matthew Benson. Emley Moor WMC beat Liam Gollop, Steve Witkiewicz, and Wayne Dutton Triangle Snooker B 5-2, Lee Stafford, Darren Arkle, and Ian Turner from the Grapes beat Carolyn Bowkett, Jade Linhart, and Tracey Randall from Club 147 One (Leics) 5-2 Last years champions Rileys XL (Worcs) had a comfortable 5-1 victory over Lego Machines (Beds).

In Heat One the 3 Tun Monkeys (Suffolk) beat Compasses A (Beds) 5-2, Cue & Brew (Worcs) edged out Diss Cue Club C 5-4, Lee Denman, Dave Cheetham, and Mark Berriman from Pewter Pot A (S. Yorks) beat Cheers Raiders (Sussex) 5-0. Another all ladies team Sarah Ramsden, Rachel Hiscocks, and Otylia Whitstock from White Rose P&s Club B lost to Graham Tilley, Adam Degen, and Craig Harbisher The Court P7S Club A 5-2, RAFA A (Cambs) with Glen Hannibal, Stuart McPherson, and James Griffin lost to Olly O'Boyle, Tom Kennedy, and Rob McGowan from Frames (Surrey) 5-3, Blues Bar A (Middlesex) had a narrow 5-4 win over Avon Mill B (Warwick), Rileys Devils (Norfolk) beat George Elite (Cambs) 5-2, the Cricketers (Hants) edged out The Nest (Staffs) 5-4.

Heat Two, and O'Donoghues (London) beat Mr Pools MC (Essex) 5-2, The Volunteer with Dave Evans, Darren Childs, and Graham Berruto saw off Richard Twomey, Karl Sutton, and Sam Jeffrey from Drum & Monkey KS 5-2, but Drum & Monkey TMM beat Triple J's 5-2. Prince of Wales B beat Tem Dixon, Phil Marriott, and Reece Townsend from 147 Wolf Pack 5-1. Another big game saw Michael O'Boyle, Simon Rivers, and Paul Skelmaszuk (Cambridge S.C.) beat Steve Sears, Paul Ward, and Ben Swinnerton Moor Pool & Snooker WM 5-3, Sam Hirst, Lee Brown, and Danny Davies Club 147 DD beat Keyta Club with Pete Arndale, Tim Williamson, and Sammy Donaldson 5-3, Flying Duchman (Kent) just lost out to Diss Greyhound C 5-4, as did Kings Arms Hotel (Lancs) to Filtermania Rebels, Chris Kingham, Darren Welfare, and John Cairns Rileys C (Brighton) beat Andy Breen, Jamie Fay, and John Runghen Spots & Stripes Elite 5-1, and Neil Wren, Steve Andrews, and Dean Winter The Rose In June (Hampshire) lost 5-4 to Lee Smeed, Jamie Arnold, and John Copp from GPCA (Essex).

Heat Three

Rileys Potters A whitewashed CSS JJJC, as did Court Z (Cambs) to The Tulip (Essex), another 5-0 was the Crooked Billett over Wykin Club C, Sam Boome, Ben Bushby, and Jamie Stokes Court 147 also had a 5-0 win against Greenstead Social, Rileys A (Brighton) beat Q-Masters (Cambs) 5-2, 03 Club A (Sussex) beat Gatehouse A (GMC) 5-1, Spot-On Poppies beat Young Guns 5-4, and Pheonix on Fire (Notts) beat Avon Mill A 5-3, 2Outta 3 (Bucks) had a narrow 5-4 win against The Woolpack (Suffolk), as did Lake Lothing A against Homeguard Club (GMC), Spencers Sports Bar beat the Bush (West Mids) by the same score, another 5-4 winner was Jordans Rock Solid over Lyndale P & S Club,Spot On also beat Cambridgeshire Hunter 5-4.

Heat four, and we have the winners from the preliminary rounds, Fox & Hounds (Lancs) beat Cue & Brew Sambuca 5-4, Pheonix Reds (Notts) whitewashed Smugglers Inn (Kent), Mark Woodward, Jake Newlove, and Andrew Tobin from Tradewell Snooker (East Yorks) beat Sandhurst Sports Club 5-1, Merlin Aces beat Runcorn Con Club 5-2, Les Dodd Snooker C with Andy O'Hara, Nish Barot, and Phil Naylor whitewashed Dersingham SocialCI, Players P & S LK with Lee Kendall, Adam Davis, and Liam White beat Cockerton WMC (Durham) 5-2, Lucky Kiss E (Staffs) beat Silktown SC (Cheshire) 5-2, as did Abingdon Con Club (Oxon) against The Romany B (Northants). Last years champions saw off Shades A 5-1, Jaxx Q Club (Derby) beat Court Red Handed (Cambs) 5-3, Jason Herring, Nathan Venner, and Andy Biggs from Alma (Kent) beat Ben Annison, Neil Bailey, and Michael Lockwood from Bar 33 Falcons (Norfolk), The Herald (Bucks) edged out Friendship Inn (GMC) 5-4, Gwyness Club (Lincs) beat The Anchor (Devon) 5-3, The Queen Charlotte A beat The Royal Standard A 5-1, and The Volunteer A (Northants) beat Leyland Canons (Lancs) 5-3, the REEM Team (Essex) with Jed Thompson, Callum Ranson, and Ashley Troath beat Mark Wynn, Barrie Hughes, and Darren Fordham from Lanterns (Kent) 5-2, Spencers Sports Bar A with Kirk Towers, John Martin, and Jay Bullent saw off Ed Mercer, Jeff Hynds, and Stu Byford from Mr. Pools (Essex) 5-4

Round Two, and Harvest G.B.F. (Beds) just edge out AMC Leisure (Sussex) 5-4, ASC Choppers (Norfolk) with double World Champion Tom Cousins, Nigel James, and Shaun Chipperfield beat Club 147 A (Leics) 5-1, as did The Sportsman A (Lincs) against Cue & Brew NB (Worcs) another 5-1 winner was Mr. Pools A (Essex) against Barny Arms B (Suffolk), Mavericks B (Kent) whitewashed Hillingdon Brit Leg A, Legends Braintree beat Harvest Home C (Beds) 5-2, Pheonix JPL (Notts) whitewashed The Confused (London), Spread Eagle (S. Yorks) beat 147 Snooker (Wiltshire), in a local derby Rileys Devils (Norfolk) beat The Eagles (Norfolk) 5-2, Travellers Rest (S. Yorks) thanks to Mark Basford winning the deciding frame beat The Globe A (Tyne & Wear), Witney Snooker Club beat The Woolpack Zeds 5-2, Tye Green Social (Essex) beat Frames (Surrey) 5-3, as did Spondon Snooker (Derby) against Cambridge S.C, Road to Morocco D accounted for Blues Bar A 5-2, The County AE (Yorks) beat Albert Inn (S. Yorks) 5-4, Basford Hall MW (Notts) saw off CSC Longshots (Cambs) 5-1. Another local derby saw Rileys C beat Rileys RC both Brighton 5-2, then we had Pheonix Reds (Notts) beat Breakers B (Notts) 5-1, Mr Bumble chipmunks also won 5-1 against The Herald, and The Duck (London) recorded the same score over Drum & Monkey TJ's, Coopers Elite also beat The Grapes (Lancs) 5-1, Rileys Potters A (Norfolk) had another whitewash this time against Volunteer OHFCG. Woadmans Arms (Cambs) lost on the deciding frame to Cannock Social A, Kevin Cresswell, Richie Foxhall, and Shaun Eaton Lees whitewashed the Hurricane Rooms (Herts), Locomotive Bashers beat Spot On 5-3, The William A beat Dunstable Snooker Q 5-2, Club 147 X (Leics) had to win the last two frames to see off The Cue Masters (Surrey), Red House C (Leics) beat Merlin Aces A 5-3, Triangle Snooker (Lancs) with Ian Davenport, David Stock, and Glenn Cahir went 4-2 up, but the Crooked Billett won the last three frames to win 5-4. Another close match saw the Pineapple Inn A (Lancs) edge out Emley Moor WMC A (West Yorks) 5-4, and Cannock Social B won by the same score against Spencers Sports Bar, and Spencers A team lost by the same score against Lake Lothing A, The Ashman brothers,. and Dean Brook-Marsh from the 03Club A (Sussex) beat Bailey Boo's (S. Yorks) 5-3.

Round Three, and ASC Choppers whitewashed The Volunteer XYZ, and Pheonix on Fire suffered the same fate against Players P & S LK, Club 147 DD beat Frames Sports Bar 5-2, Callum Singleton, Matt Barcock, and Wayne Gardner beat Top Spot 97 (Leics) 5-2, Legends DK's (Essex) won the last two frames to pip Les Dodd Snooker C 5-4, Drum & Monkey TMM saw off Diss Greyhound 5-3, Rileys XL (Worcs) had another easy 5-1 win against Alma (Kent), Locomotive Bashers progressed at the expense of the Duck 5-3, Crawley Rugby Club won 5-2 against Basford Hall MW (Notts), The Pineapple (Lancs) beat Cannock Social 5-3, Red House C (Leics) won the last two frames to beat Lucky Kiss E (Staffs) 5-4, and The County A beat Racks Masters by the same score, Hammersmith Club also won the last two frames to beat The Queen Charlotte, and Rob Walsh won the decider to see Racks Rejects through against Witney Snooker Club, and Harvest G.B.F. (Beds) beat Rileys Devils (Norfolk) 5-4.

Round Four

ASC Choppers recorded another whitewash, this time against The Sportsman A (Lincs), The Reem Team beat Coopers Elite 5-1, as did Pewter Pot A over Legends Braintree, Players LK beat Rileys Potters 5-2, Spondon Snooker (Derby) fell to O'Donoghues (London) 5-3, Club 147 DW saw off The Mermaid 5-2, another whitewash this time to Locomotive Bashers against Hammersmith Club A, Kev Smith won the deciding frame for Legends DK's to beat Pineapple Inn A, and Shaun Payne did likewise to win the match for Club 147 X against Court 147, Mr Pools a beat Drum & Monkey TMM 5-3, as did Red House C against the champions Rileys XL, Abingdon Con Club had Adam Brown, and John Kinsey to thank for winning the final two frames against Cannock Social to go through, Harvest G.B.F. Whitewashed Lucky Kiss D, Danny Davies won the deciding frame to win the match for Club 147 DD against Racks Rejects, and Crawley Snooker club won 5-4 against Pheonix JPL, The County A beat Mr Bumble Chipmunks 5-3 to complete the last 16.

Abingdon Con Club beat Players Lk 5-3, Club 147 DD had an easy 5-1 win over Harvest G.B.F. Legends DK's whitewashed Red House C, and Club 147 X beat Reem Team 5-3, ASC Choppers, and O'Donoghues were 3-3 before Tom Cousins, and Shaun Chipperfield won the last two frames for a 5-3 win to the Choppers, Club 147 DW won 5-3 against Mr Pools A, and the Locomotive Bashers beat The County A 5-3, Crawley Rugby Club beat Pewter Pot A 5-2.

In the Quarter Finals Crawley Rugby Club won the final two frames for a 5-4 win over Club 147 DD, in the match between Legends DK's and Club 147 X it was 4-4 with Steve Robertshaw playing for 147 when a comment from the crowd made Robertshaw stand up, and then a fellow team member made a comment which the referee rightly judged to be coaching, and called a foul two visits to the opponent, and Stuart Reardon came on to clear up, and win the match, Locomotive Bashers beat Abingdon Con Club 5-3, and ASC Choppers beat Club 147 DW 5-2.

The Semi-Finals ASC Choppers took a 4-0 lead before Crawley Rugby Club pulled two frames back, but Cousins came on next to win the match 5-2, in the other semi Legends DK's went 2-1 ahead, but the Bashers won three frames in a row to go 4-2 up, D Belcher won the next frame for the Legends, but Lee Whitfield won the eighth frame to win the match 5-3 for the Bashers.

In the Final Shaun Chipperfield, and Tom Cousins put the Choppers 2 up, but Wayne Connor won the third, Chipperfield, and Cousins won the next two for a 4-1 lead, Lee Whitfield pulled another frame back, but could do nothing to stop Cousins winning the seventh frame, and the match 5-2 to have local Norfolk Champions for 2015.

Golden Cue Singles

Another large number entered the Golden Cue Singles event with over �2,000.00 Prize Money. This was won by Sam Bircher from Wolverhampton beating Paul Maloney in the Final 5-1, in the semi-final Maloney beat Steve Witkiewicz from Wigan, and Bircher beat Dan Eaton-Lees from Walsall.

Lions Tour Qualifier

On the Friday Qualifiers had been held for the European Lions tour to Australia, and the two qualifiers were Jon Roe, and Karl Sutton from an high quality field.

World Masters Qualifier

We also had the World Masters qualifier where over 200 entrants fought out to go to the World Finals in Blackpool in June, and 32 players were put forward to compete with the best players in the World.

Under 23 Singles

We held an under 23 singles competition, and this was won by Liam Gollop who beat Phil Marriott in the final 6-2, in the semi's Gollop beat Josh Kane 6-3, and Marriott beat Giuseppe D'Imperio 6-4.




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