Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th September

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2006 Final Rankings
Tour 4
Round 1
Barbara Taylor(2)51Lindsey Dixon(42)
Louise Etherington(22)0WJulie Tailby(N)
Anne Taylor(27)50Donna Elliot(N)
Stacey McConnell(13)52Fran Calvert(33)
Kim O'Brien(14)54Julia Warne(N)
Amanda Speight(23)50Michelle Henshall(N)
Lyndsey Roberts(28)25Amy Coley(N)
Liesa Conlin(6)50Sarah King(N)
Sharon Lunn(7)51Sue Osborn(34)
Leanne Cragg(31)50Therese Gallacher(41)
Sonya Chapman(24)51Sharon Nadollek(37)
Sue Ramsbottom(11)SSSonia Hooton(N)
Karen Tomkinson(9)52Chris Kirk(36)
Sarah Kelly(32)25Lindsay Lloyd(35)
Sharon Dickson(25)50Tracy Ayling(40)
Carly Smith(4)50Maggi McMillan(N)
Emma Cunningham(3)W0Alison Oxley(44)
Rebecca Osborne(26)25Emma Senior(N)
Anne Louise Eaton(17)W0Norma Nagle(N)
Helen Littlewood(10)52Vanessa Paul(39)
Clare Seaman(15)54Gill Bennett(N)
Debbie Barthrop(21)W0Claire Pilkington(38)
Victoria Griffith(20)52Susan Horner(43)
Michelle Rooney(8)50Linda Dixon(N)
Collette Henriksen(5)W0Valerie Kreuzburg(N)
Polly Gillgrass(30)0WJulie MacKintosh(N)
Julie Fane(29)W0Rhian Howarth(N)
Michelle Brown(16)W0Spirit Addams(N)
Hazel Dabrowski(12)45Ilene McCarthy(N)
Dawn Woodcock(19)SSTonia Packer(N)
Jackie Baker(18)W0Theresa Sheridan(N)
Sue Thompson(1)50Andi Bennett(N)
Last 32
Barbara Taylor(2)51Julie Tailby(N)
Anne Taylor(27)51Stacey McConnell(13)
Kim O'Brien(14)50Amanda Speight(23)
Amy Coley(N)25Liesa Conlin(6)
Sharon Lunn(7)52Leanne Cragg(31)
Sonya Chapman(24)W0Bye
Karen Tomkinson(9)53Lindsay Lloyd(35)
Sharon Dickson(25)45Carly Smith(4)
Emma Cunningham(3)51Emma Senior(N)
Anne Louise Eaton(17)53Helen Littlewood(10)
Clare Seaman(15)45Debbie Barthrop(21)
Victoria Griffith(20)25Michelle Rooney(8)
Collette Henriksen(5)51Julie MacKintosh(N)
Julie Fane(29)35Michelle Brown(16)
Ilene McCarthy(N)W0Bye
Jackie Baker(18)15Sue Thompson(1)
Last 16
Barbara Taylor(2)50Anne Taylor(27)
Kim O'Brien(14)53Liesa Conlin(6)
Sharon Lunn(7)52Sonya Chapman(24)
Karen Tomkinson(9)35Carly Smith(4)
Emma Cunningham(3)15Anne Louise Eaton(17)
Debbie Barthrop(21)25Michelle Rooney(8)
Collette Henriksen(5)52Michelle Brown(16)
Ilene McCarthy(N)15Sue Thompson(1)
Quarter Final
Barbara Taylor(2)64Kim O'Brien(14)
Sharon Lunn(7)56Carly Smith(4)
Anne Louise Eaton(17)46Michelle Rooney(8)
Collette Henriksen(5)46Sue Thompson(1)
Semi Final
Barbara Taylor(2)56Carly Smith(4)
Michelle Rooney(8)46Sue Thompson(1)
Carly Smith(4)57Sue Thompson(1)
Plate 4
Round 1
Lindsey DixonW0Louise Etherington
Donna Elliot24Fran Calvert
Julia Warne43Michelle Henshall
Lyndsey Roberts40Sarah King
Sue Osborn41Therese Gallacher
Sharon NadollekW0Bye
Chris Kirk14Sarah Kelly
Tracy Ayling42Maggi McMillan
Alison Oxley0WRebecca Osborne
Norma Nagle0WVanessa Paul
Gill BennettW0Claire Pilkington
Susan Horner43Linda Dixon
Valerie KreuzburgSSPolly Gillgrass
Rhian HowarthSSSpirit Addams
Hazel DabrowskiW0Bye
Jan Purdy43Andi Bennett
Round 2
Sharon Dickson40Lindsey Dixon
Lindsay Lloyd42Fran Calvert
Bye0WJulia Warne
Leanne Cragg24Lyndsey Roberts
Amy Coley41Sue Osborn
Amanda Speight04Sharon Nadollek
Stacey McConnell41Sarah Kelly
Julie Tailby40Tracy Ayling
Jackie Baker43Rebecca Osborne
Bye0WVanessa Paul
Julie Fane34Gill Bennett
Julie MacKintosh42Susan Horner
Victoria GriffithW0Bye
Clare SeamanW0Bye
Helen Littlewood14Hazel Dabrowski
Emma Senior40Jan Purdy
Last 16
Sharon Dickson40Lindsay Lloyd
Julia Warne43Lyndsey Roberts
Amy Coley41Sharon Nadollek
Stacey McConnell41Julie Tailby
Jackie Baker40Vanessa Paul
Gill Bennett43Julie MacKintosh
Victoria Griffith24Clare Seaman
Hazel Dabrowski41Emma Senior
Quarter Final
Sharon Dickson51Julia Warne
Amy Coley52Stacey McConnell
Jackie Baker51Gill Bennett
Clare Seaman25Hazel Dabrowski
Semi Final
Sharon Dickson35Amy Coley
Jackie Baker53Hazel Dabrowski
Amy Coley35Jackie Baker
Tour Dates 2007
Tour 1 25th - 26th March Morley International, Morley, Leeds
Tour 2 6th - 7th May Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Tour 3 21st - 22nd July Chatham, Kent
Tour 4 15th - 16th September Hull
Tour 5 20th - 21st October Miscues, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
The Rules

Players shall wear a waistcoat with dickie bow or tie in all tour matches. Players to wear tour T-Shirt in plate matches. Absolutely no jeans or trainers will be allowed.
All Sunday matches (i.e Tour & Plate) players shall wear waistcoat with dickie bow or tie.

Matches will not be called earlier than scheduled except in extreme circumstances. When the schedule has been changed in this case the players will have been notified. It is obviously possible that matches can be called later than scheduled if a previous match is not complete.

When a player is called to the table, a frame will be lost for every 10 minutes that she fails to attend. No excuses will be allowed and players must be on time or forfeit frames.

Good sportsmanship is expected on the table, and good behaviour off the table at all events.

The tour draw and schedules will be notified in writing 14 days before a tour event. The draws for each tour will be made at the preceding tour, except for the first draw.
Players will be seeded according to their performance over a rolling two year period.

All matches are to be played to World Eightball Federation Rules and the Tournament Director's decision is final.

Further Information - Shirley Jewkes, 6, West Royd, Wilsden, Bradford. BD15 0HU (01535 274970)