Green Baize
Stoke on Trent
Saturday 1st to Sunday 2nd May

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2003 Final Rankings ........................... 2004 Rankings
Last 64
Barbara Taylor(2) 5-0 Jeannie Grundy(33)
Andrea Bennett(22) 3-5 Rebecca Osborne
Emma Cunningham(15) 3-5 Lynette Horsburgh
Steph Clarke(16) 5-3 Polly Gillgrass
Tara Jackson(21) 0-5 Sharon Dickson
Karen Tomkinson(20) 5-4 Karen White
Debbie Lambert(7) 5-0 Farah Fleck
Sarah Day(26) 5-2 Sue Osborn
Louise Etherington(28) 2-5 Anne Louise Eaton
Gill Bennett(19) 5-3 Lauren Strivens
Linda Dixon(18) 2-5 Kelly Simms
Liesa Conlin(4) 5-1 Holly Bird
Nikki Curry(25) 1-5 Tina Bayliss
Sharon Lunn(9) 3-5 Michelle Rooney
Kim O'Brien(29) 5-2 Ally Oxley(38)
Clare Seaman(6) 5-0 Lianne Gilmour
Carly Smith(17) 5-1 Fran Calvert(37)
Helen Littlewood(24) 5-0 Amanda Speight(35)
Sonya Chapman(11) 4-5 Ruth Vaughan
Sue Ramsbottom(14) 5-3 Michelle Brown
Anne Taylor(27) 4-5 Ashley Bird
Natalie Madden(32) 5-2 Louise Elvin
Sue Thompson(1) 5-1 Louise Rhodes
Last 32
Barbara Taylor(2) 4-5 Collette Henriksen
Rebecca Osborne 3-5 Lynette Horsburgh
Steph Clarke(16) 1-5 Sharon Dickson
Karen Tomkinson(20) 5-1 Debbie Lambert(7)
Karen Elsworth(5) 5-2 Sarah Day(26)
Anne Louise Eaton 5-1 Sonia Smith
Kerry Ann Hunt(13) 5-3 Gill Bennett(19)
Kelly Simms 2-5 Liesa Conlin(4)
Vikki Layton(3) 5-0 Tina Bayliss
Jenny Eyre 1-5 Michelle Rooney
Hazel Dabrowski(10) 5-1 Victoria Griffith(23)
Kim O'Brien(29) 3-5 Clare Seaman(6)
Chris Kirk(36) 4-5 Carly Smith(17)
Helen Littlewood(24) 5-1 Ruth Vaughan
Sue Ramsbottom(14) 3-5 Ashley Bird
Natalie Madden(32) 0-5 Sue Thompson(1)
Last 16
Collette Henriksen 2-5 Lynette Horsburgh
Sharon Dickson 3-5 Karen Tomkinson(20)
Karen Elsworth(5) 5-2 Anne Louise Eaton
Kerry Ann Hunt(13) 2-5 Liesa Conlin(4)
Vikki Layton(3) 5-4 Michelle Rooney
Hazel Dabrowski(10) 3-5 Clare Seaman(6)
Carly Smith(17) 5-3 Helen Littlewood(24)
Ashley Bird 3-5 Sue Thompson(1)
Quarter Finals
Lynette Horsburgh 6-1 Karen Tomkinson(20)
Karen Elsworth(5) 1-6 Liesa Conlin(4)
Vikki Layton(3) 6-1 Clare Seaman(6)
Carly Smith(17) 1-6 Sue Thompson(1)
Semi Final
Lynette Horsburgh 6-0 Liesa Conlin(4)
Vikki Layton(3) 0-6 Sue Thompson(1)
Lynette Horsburgh 3-7 Sue Thompson(1)
Round 1
Jeannie Grundy W-0 Gill Parr
Andrea Bennett 1-4 Emma Cunningham
Polly Gillgrass W-0 Tara Jackson
Karen White 2-4 Farah Fleck
Sheila Hagan 0-W Sue Osborn
Louise Etherington W-0 Amy Hallas
B Y E 0-W Lauren Strivens
Linda Dixon 4-3 Holly Bird
B Y E 0-W Nikki Curry
Maddie Wilkinson 0-W Sharon Lunn
To Be Advised S-S Toni Sherwood
Ally Oxley 0-W Lianne Gilmour
Jackie Baker 0-W Fran Calvert
Amanda Speight 2-4 Sonya Chapman
Michelle Brown 4-2 Anne Taylor
Louise Elvin 4-3 Louise Rhodes
Round 2
Barbara Taylor 4-0 Linda Dixon
Rebecca Osborne 4-2 Lauren Strivens
Steph Clarke 3-4 Louise Etherington
Debbie Lambert 4-3 Sue Osborn
Sarah Day 1-4 Farah Fleck
Sonia Smith 4-1 Polly Gillgrass
Gill Bennett 4-3 Emma Cunningham
Kelly Simms 4-2 Jeannie Grundy
Tina Bayliss 2-4 Louise Elvin
Jenny Eyre 4-2 Michelle Brown
Victoria Griffith 1-4 Sonya Chapman
Kim O'Brien 4-3 Fran Calvert
Chris Kirk 4-0 Lianne Gilmour
Ruth Vaughan W-0 B Y E
Sue Ramsbottom 1-4 Sharon Lunn
Natalie Madden 4-2 Nikki Curry
Last 16
Barbara Taylor 4-2 Rebecca Osborne
Louise Etherington 0-4 Debbie Lambert
Farah Fleck 3-4 Sonia Smith
Gill Bennett 4-3 Kelly Simms
Louise Elvin 0-4 Jenny Eyre
Sonya Chapman 2-4 Kim O'Brien
Chris Kirk 1-4 Ruth Vaughan
Sharon Lunn 1-4 Natalie Madden
Quarter Finals
Barbara Taylor 5-1 Debbie Lambert
Sonia Smith 5-2 Gill Bennett
Jenny Eyre 5-4 Kim O'Brien
Ruth Vaughan 4-5 Natalie Madden
Semi Final
Barbara Taylor 4-5 Sonia Smith
Jenny Eyre 5-4 Natalie Madden
Sonia Smith 3-5 Jenny Eyre
Prize Fund
Winner 700
Runner-up 340
Semi Finalists 200
Quarter Finalists 100
Last 16 £ 50
Winner 200
Runner-up 100
Semi Finalists 50
Quarter Finalists 20
Last 16 £10
Tour Dates 2004
Tour 1 27th - 28th March Morley International, Morley, Leeds
Tour 2 1st - 2nd May Green Baize, Stoke on Trent, Staffs
Tour 3 17th - 18th July Chatham P & S, Chatham, Kent
Tour 4 4th - 5th September Rileys, Park Street, Luton
Grand Finals 8th October To Be Announced
The Rules

Players shall wear a waistcoat with dickie bow or tie in all tour matches. Players to wear tour T-Shirt in plate matches. Absolutely no jeans or trainers will be allowed.
All Sunday matches (i.e Tour & Plate) players shall wear waistcoat with dickie bow or tie.

Matches will not be called earlier than scheduled except in extreme circumstances. When the schedule has been changed in this case the players will have been notified. It is obviously possible that matches can be called later than scheduled if a previous match is not complete.

When a player is called to the table, a frame will be lost for every 10 minutes that she fails to attend. No excuses will be allowed and players must be on time or forfeit frames.

Good sportsmanship is expected on the table, and good behaviour off the table at all events.

The tour draw and schedules will be notified in writing 14 days before a tour event. The draws for each tour will be made at the preceding tour, except for the first draw.
Players will be seeded according to their performance over a rolling two year period.

All matches are to be played to World Eightball Federation Rules and the Tournament Director's decision is final.

Further Information - Shirley Jewkes, 6, West Royd, Wilsden, Bradford. BD15 0HU (01535 274970)