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Group 1
Swinton Sharks (R2) 8 v 5 Alpha Trophies (R3) Imperial Angels (R7) 1 v 8 Northamptonshire Ladies (R5)
Swinton Sharks (R2) 8 v 6 Northamptonshire Ladies (R5) Alpha Trophies (R3) 8 v 2 Imperial Angels (R7)
Northamptonshire Ladies (R5) v Alpha Trophies (R3)     v    
Group 1 Winner Swinton Sharks (R2) Group 1 Runner Up Northamptonshire Ladies (R5)
Group 2
Preston Ladies (R2) v 8 Shrewsbury Ladies (R3) Diesel's Army (R7)  9 v Peterborough (R4)
Shrewsbury Ladies (R3) 2 v 8 Diesel's Army (R7) Preston Ladies (R2)  6 v 8 Peterborough (R4)
Shrewsbury Ladies (R3) 8 v 3 Peterborough (R4)          
Group 2 Winner Diesel's Army (R7) Group 2 Runner Up Shrewsbury Ladies (R3)
Group 3
Burnley (R2)  7 v  9 Station all Blacks (R3) Imperial Devils (R7)  8 v Norfolk Ladies (R4)
Station all Blacks (R3)  8 v  3 Norfolk Ladies (R4) Burnley (R2)  6 v 8 Imperial Devils (R7)
Norfolk Ladies (R4)  8 v 4  Imperial Devils (R7)          
Group 3 Winner Station all Blacks (R3) Group 3 Runner Up Norfolk Ladies (R4)
Group 4
Padlham Ladies (R2) 8 v 2 Wolverhampton Misfits (R3) Hampshire Ladies (R7)  7 v  9 Witney Ladies (R5)
Padlham Ladies (R2) 8 v Witney Ladies (R5) Wolverhampton Misfits (R3)  3 v  8 Hampshire Ladies (R7)
Witney Ladies (R5) v 6  Hampshire Ladies (R7)          
Group 4 Winner Padlham Ladies (R2) Group 4 Runner Up Witney Ladies (R5)
Group 5
Keighley Ladies (R2) 1 v 8 Leicester Ladies (R3) Tolworth (R7) 9 v  5 Milton Keynes Ladies (R5)
Leicester Ladies (R3) 7  v Tolworth (R7) Keighley Ladies (R2) v  8 Milton Keynes Ladies (R5)
Leicester Ladies (R3) v 6  Milton Keynes Ladies (R5)     v    
Group 5 Winner Tolworth (R7)  Group 5 Runner Up Leicester Ladies (R3)
Group 6
Yorkshire Terriers (R2) 8 v 2 Leicester Foxes (R3) C.O.B.H.P.L. (R7)  6 v  8 Suffolk (R4)
Yorkshire Terriers (R2) 2 v Suffolk (R4) Leicester Foxes (R3)  4 v 8 C.O.B.H.P.L. (R7)
Yorkshire Terriers (R2) 8   2  C.O.B.H.P.L. (R7)          
Group 6 Winner Suffolk (R4) Group 6 Runner Up Yorkshire Terriers (R2)
Group 7
Wigan (R2)  8 v Dorset (R6) Medway Meercats (R7)  14 v Wigan (R2)
Dorset (R6)  4   8  Medway Meercats (R7)          
Group 7 Winner Medway Meercats (R7)  Group 7 Runner Up Wigan (R2)
Group 8
South Yorkshire Ladies (R1)  10 v  4 Falmouth (R6) Bedford (R4)  4 v  10 South Yorkshire Ladies (R1)
Falmouth (R6)  8   3  Bedford (R4)          
Group 8 Winner South Yorkshire Ladies (R1)  Group 8 Runner Up Falmouth (R6)
Last 16 Quarter Final Semi Final Final Winner
Diesel's Army (R7) Leicester Ladies (R3)  Leicester Ladies (R3)   South Yorkshire Ladies (R1)  Northamptonshire Ladies (R5) 
Leicester Ladies (R3)
Suffolk (R4) Suffolk (R4) 
Norfolk Ladies (R4)
Swinton Sharks (R2) Witney Ladies (R5)  South Yorkshire Ladies (R1)  
Witney Ladies (R5)
South Yorkshire Ladies (R1) South Yorkshire Ladies (R1) 
Wigan (R2)
Medway Meercats (R7)  Medway Meercats (R7)   Northamptonshire Ladies (R5)  Northamptonshire Ladies (R5) 
Falmouth (R6)
Padlham Ladies (R2) Northamptonshire Ladies (R5) 
Northamptonshire Ladies (R5)
Station all Blacks (R3) Yorkshire Terriers (R2)  Shrewsbury Ladies (R3) 
Yorkshire Terriers (R2)
Tolworth (R7)  Shrewsbury Ladies (R3) 
Shrewsbury Ladies (R3)

Losing Finalists - South Yorkshire

Winner - Northamptonshire

Tournament Report

Saturday 8th November 2003 saw the Ladies National KO Cup played in the main arena at Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth, for the first time since its conception 6 years earlier. The entry criteria was widened to allow players from County Teams to enter, but this only lead to an increase of one entry, bringing the total to thirty.

Teams were divided into six groups of four and two groups of three, with the winner and runner up of each group progressing to the last sixteen. The following draw was made on 25th October by Paula Landers (Swinton Sharks) and Christine Kirk (Leicester Ladies):

1 Swinton Sharks (R2) Alpha Trophies (R3) Imperial Angels (R7) Northants Saints (R5)
2 Preston Ladies (R2) Shrewsbury Ladies (R3) Diesel's Army (R7) Peterborough (R4)
3 Burnley (R2) Station all Blacks (R3) Imperial Devils (R7) Norfolk Ladies (R4)
4 Padlham Ladies (R2) Wolverhampton Misfits (R3) Hampshire Ladies (R7) Witney Ladies (R5)
5 Keighley Ladies (R2) Leicester Ladies (R3) Tolworth (R7) Milton Keynes Ladies (R5)
6 Yorkshire Terriers (R2) Leicester Foxes (R3) Brighton (R7) Suffolk (R4)
7 Wigan (R2) Dorset (R6) Medway Meercats (R7)
8 South Yorkshire Ladies (R1) Falmouth (R6) Bedford (R4)

The groups of four played on a Swiss system basis, each match played to a winner. The team winning two matches becoming the group winner, while the team winning two and loosing one would be the group runner up. The groups of three were played on a round robin basis with all frames being played in the first two matches.

Ten first round matches started at 9:00 with four teams given a rather optimistic start time of 11:00. The last two teams were asked to attend at 13:00.

Group 1 saw one of the pre tournament favorites Swinton Sharks, finalists for the past five years (winning on one occasion) go through at group winners after a tight second round match against Northants Saints, which included the new ladies National Individual Champion Linda Leadbitter. The Saints went on to drop only two frames against Alpha Trophies to progress as the group runner up.

In group 2 Diesel’s Army started with a tight match against Peterborough, which resulted in a three frame playoff. The Army went on to beat the eventual group runner up Shrewsbury.

Group 3 saw more tight matches as Station All Blacks beat Burnley and Norfolk beat Imperial Devils, both in three frame playoffs. Station All Blacks then fired to beat ex champions Norfolk, only dropping three frames. Norfolk eventually showed there class by taking their final match against the Devils by eight frames to four.

Group 4 was the group of death, where all four teams were good enough to get to the knockout stages. Eventually, holders Hampshire were eliminated in third place, with Padiham and Witney going through as Winners and Runner up respectively.

In group 5 the first two matches were fairly one sided, but the winners and the losers matches were much closer affairs. Tolworth eventually won a four hour match on a playoff to qualify as group winners. The last match saw Leicester edge out Milton Keynes in the final frame.

Group 6 saw one close match where Suffolk took the final frame against Brighton (sometimes known as COBHPL). The other matches where all one sided affairs, with Yorkshire Terriers eventually runners up to Suffolk.

Group 7, a three team group, was dominated by pre tournament favorites Medway Meercats. With three of the current top England players in their side they dished out the only white wash of the competition by beating Wigan fourteen frames to zero. Wigan went through as the runner up by virtue of their earlier victory against Dorset.

In group 8 South Yorkshire beat both opponents by ten frames to four. A win for Falmouth took them through in second place.

After a very long day the last sixteen started between 7pm and 8:15pm. The biggest score line was South Yorkshire 8-2 Wigan, but it must have been much closer than the score suggests because it took over 2 2/2 hours for the ten frames. The last match finished at 10:45pm making it a very long day for all concerned.

Sunday morning saw all frames in each quarter finals being played. One went to a playoff, Medway Meercats, staring three current and three ex England Players, and Northants Saints with their star Linda Leadbitter. Barbara Taylor won quickly, leading the Meercats needing either England Captain Jackie Backer or England teammate Liesa Conlin to win. Both these final frames were very close, with Saints Lisa Hanley beating Liesa Conlin, and Linda Leadbitter eventually outwitting Jackie Baker to put the Saints into the Semi finals.

The first semi final on was Northants Saints against Shrewsbury. Saint Val Krevzberg took the first frame but Sonia Smith, Michelle Murry, Karen Tomkinson and Kerry Summer hit back by taking four in a row for Shrewsbury. The next four frames were shared to put the match score at 6-3 in Shrewsbury’s favour. An amazing recovery was then staged by the Saints, with Louise Hale, Linda Leadbitter, Vikki Bellamy, Sarah Kelly and Lisa Hanley taking the last five frames to win 8 frames to 6.

The second semi final to start was between Leicester and South Yorkshire. The first half ended 4-3 in South Yorkshires favor and the second half went the opposite way resulting in a playoff being required. Only two frames were played to a result, with Linda Dixon and Andi Bennett both victorious for South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire now faced Linda and her Saints from Northants in a final that would guarantee a new name on the trophy.
And what a match this was to be. South Yorkshire kept the pressure on Northamptonshire all the way through resulting in a draw, and therefore a 3 way playoff. Northamptonshire won the first frame, swiftly followed by a frame to South Yorkshire leaving all the pressure on the last frame. Lisa Hanley for Northants, kept her cool and slowly cleared the table without breaking into a sweat awarding the final frame and victory to Northamptonshire.