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Golden Cue 2010

Golden Cue
Spot on X Sheffield52Locomotive B Fenton
Riverside Snooker C52The Crown Inn
Midland Snooker B52Rileys Three
Riverside A54Spot On Nomads
The Bulls Head53Barking Pool Club B
Drum & Monkey A25The Herald R
West End W.M.C.05Dishers Pool & Snooker
The Elizabethan05Salisbury Club
Spot On Hucknall53Cambridge Working Mens
The Major Hotel15Drum & Monkey Z
Sutton Staithe Hotel A05Vauxhall Inn B
The Carlton Club A05Bulls Head C
Snker & Social Club A45Spot On Sheffield B
Topps Wine Bar50Sherborne Arms
Wrockwarding Wood F C51Spot On Z
The Flyer35The Cock
The Shears45Wigston Liberal Club
Emerald Club45Old Sportsmen
Olde Red House35The Royal Oak
Q Tip Snooker Club A05Lacon Arms
Wheelrights Arms53Pewter Pot
The George & Dragon D52Midlands Snker & Pool
Junction Inn B50Barnet Pool Club C
Benels53Manor House C
Irish Club Z50Southampton Arms
Rileys B Nottingham45Drum & Monkey V
Riverside A15Q Room Cheddars
Fountain Inn53Rileys Young Guns
Riverside C50Brooklands Hotel C
147 Mavericks25Parkway D
Tally Ho B50Bynea R.F.C.
Falcons A50Sutton Staithe Hotel B
The Conny Club A50Spot On Nottingham
The Bay Horse53Rileys Luton Cues
Banner Cross A15Parkway Sports & L A
Royal B.Legion Redruth51Rileys Northampton
Diss Cue Club B51Oldbury Court Inn
Brooklands Hotel A05Emley Moor W.M.C.
Barking Pool Club Zeds53The Volunteer D
St Augustines Monks45Club 147
Mighty 8 Pool Club45Rileys A
Seahorse A45Rileys TTD
Rose Hotel45Tables B
Rose & Crown B25Unwin Social Club
Snooker Centre Z52Brierley Hill Snooker
Kings Arms50Drum & Monkey C
Beet Petite25All 4 Jack
Rileys Worcester51The Clifton Inn
The Dart A50Queens Hotel
Carterton Social Club35Barking Pool Club A
Wyken Club45Methwold Social Club
Frames Snooker & Pool05Lake Lothing Lads
Rileys Luton A50The Mountfort
Gore Court Arms A53Durham Ox
Lord Napier B15Parkway XYZ
Golden Cue Pool & Snkr05Breakers Z
United Sports Bar54Telegraph B
Rileys Indy 150The Davey Lamp
Lakeside Superbowl50Hollesley Sports
The Lianarth Club25Jordans A
Club 147 CBs05Rileys Rocks
The Elizabethan B05Parkway Sports & L B
The Heaver Tree05Rileys Aces
Rileys Cannock A53Dav Workers A
Round 1
Corn Exchange B15Woadmans Arms
Ambassador Snker Club53Spot on Rocket Robbies
Rileys A51The Southampton Arms
Moorends Comrades50Phoenix Cue Sports
Rileys Ipswich05Royal Oak
Rileys G53Noels Arms
The Prince of Wales C52The Globe
Stratton Street WMC25Rileys Indy 2
Pear Tree52Eato Socon Ex Service
Rileys Brighton51The Royal Oak
Tables05Colliers Arms
Sovereign Snker & Pool45Volunteer A
Bulls Head53Folkestone Snooker B
Lake Lothing A50Steelmelters B
Rugby Workers Club05The Jacks
Breakers S15Barking Pool Club C
Trades and Labour Club51Hustlers Foxes
Maidstone Snooker Club25Parkstone Labour Club
The Limetree54Bridge Cross Social
JFK'S Elite50Comrades Club
Rileys Z50Volunteer B
Millford Club15Club 147 X
Spot On A Sheffield50Conservative Club
Rileys Threasydoesit51Hikers Rest
Pot Black Bury St Edms25Midland Snooker Wolves
Spot On B53Sportsman A
Rileys Wigan50Park Tavern
East Preston R.B.L.15Folkestone Snooker A
Stump Cross Inn54The Ship Inn
The Millbrow Army05Kings End Association
Village Club05Ashfordby Amateurs
Rileys Doncaster53The Prince of Wales A
Rileys Potters53Elsenham Bowls Club
Bournemouth East Con50Savoy AA
Beacon Inn A53Rose Tavern
Lincoln Globetrotters05Mile Oak Inn
The Piper35Lord Napier A
Man on the Moon50The Parade
Queen Charlotte50Herald Four Cues
Coronation Hotel A52The Numptees
The Pineapple50Beacon Social Club
Midland Snooker45Rileys Croydon F
Drum & Monkey B35Alty Allstars
Legends35Coronation Hotel
Chatham Pool & Snker A54The Sportsman
Hove Park Tavern50Lady Jane B
Springfield Tavern50Cask & Crispin
Road to Morocco15Chiswick Snooker Club
Seahorse B54British Legion
Ox & Plough35Royal Oak
Cambidgeshire Hunter05The Venue Wisbech
Snker & Social Club B50Dishers Slack Racks
The Grapes50Corn Exchange A
Railway B05Portland Snooker Club
The Dart B50Rileys Rollers
Snookes05The Wheatsheaf
Fore Street Snker Club45The Anchor
Hinckley Snooker Club45The Squirrell
Folkstone Snooker X51Dunstable Football
147 Club05Falcons C
Spot On Sneinton50Volunteer C
Royal Sports Bar05Irish Club Bandits
Slough Irish Club52Woodcoombe Zeds
Ley Inn50Q Tip
The Hurricanes25Alty Allstars
Daventry Working Mens50Ship on Shore
Rileys Nottingham05Legends Pool Club
Maltravers Social Club25Riverside Pool Club
Snooker Centre A05Parade X
East Leeds Snooker25Corn Exchange Snooker
Four Horseshoes A15Harrys Heros
Ellistowm W.M.C.51Ambassadobr Snker Club
Drum & Monkey Y35Alma
Millsbrough House54Oldbury Court
Lord Nelson05Players Bashers
Daley's Club25The Swan
Foresters Arms45Shepwell Green Social
Gore Court Arms B15Brooklands Hotel B
N Lopham Kings Head50S.V.S.S.C
Emley WMC05Lady Jane A
The William Twigg50The Barn Club
Midland Snooker C45Fife St. W.M.C
The Dukes05The Cavalier
Locomotive A25Corby Snooker & Pool
Crossways Tavern35Rileys B.B.B.
The Hyne Hoit50Banner Cross A
Kiststead Misfits50The Plough Inn
The Q Room53Rose & Crown A
Halfway House A54SC Daddies
Slough Irish Club Z45Rileys Luton B
Wykin Club A52Rileys Atherton
Vauxhall Inn A35Paulton Rovers Social
Flimby W.M.S.C.25Diss Cue Club A
Heathgates53Riverside B
Maidstone Snker Club B05Q Tips
Spot on X Sheffield54Rileys Cannock A
Riverside Snooker C50Rileys Aces
Midland Snooker B15Parkway Sports & L B
Riverside A35Rileys Rocks
The Bulls Head05Jordans A
The Herald R54Lakeside Superbowl
Dishers Pool & Snooker25Rileys Indy 1
Salisbury Club25United Sports Bar
Spot On Hucknall45Breakers Z
Drum & Monkey Z54Parkway XYZ
Vauxhall Inn B53Gore Court Arms A
Bulls Head C45Rileys Luton A
Spot On Sheffield B52Lake Lothing Lads
Topps Wine Bar51Methwold Social Club
Wrockwarding Wood F C35Barking Pool Club A
The Cock05The Dart A
Wigston Liberal Club15Rileys Worcester
Old Sportsmen45All 4 Jack
The Royal Oak15Kings Arms
Lacon Arms25Snooker Centre Z
Wheelrights Arms51Unwin Social Club
The George & Dragon D25Tables B
Junction Inn B54Rileys TTD
Benels35Rileys A
Irish Club Z35Club 147
Drum & Monkey V53Barking Pool Club Zeds
Q Room Cheddars54Emley Moor W.M.C.
Fountain Inn53Diss Cue Club B
Riverside C15Royal B.Legion Redruth
Parkway D51Parkway Sports & L A
Tally Ho B05The Bay Horse
Falcons A45The Conny Club A
Round 2
Woadmans Arms52Rileys Doncaster
Ambassador Snker Club54Rileys Potters
Rileys A51Bournemouth East Con
Moorends Comrades35Beacon Inn A
Royal Oak54Mile Oak Inn
Jordans51Lord Napier A
Rileys G15Man on the Moon
The Prince of Wales C35Queen Charlotte
Rileys Indy 252Coronation Hotel A
Pear Tree25The Pineapple
Rileys Brighton53Rileys Croydon F
Colliers Arms35Alty Allstars
Volunteer A35Coronation Hotel
Bulls Head52Chatham Pool & Snker A
Lake Lothing A53Hove Park Tavern
The Jacks50Springfield Tavern
Barking Pool Club C54Chiswick Snooker Club
Trades and Labour Club25Seahorse B
Parkstone Labour Club25Royal Oak
The Limetree52The Venue Wisbech
JFK'S Elite50Snker & Social Club B
Rileys Z45The Grapes
Club 147 X52Portland Snooker Club
Spot On A Sheffield35The Dart B
Rileys Threasydoesit52The Wheatsheaf
Midland Snooker Wolves53The Anchor
Spot On B53The Squirrell
Rileys Wigan45Folkstone Snooker X
Folkestone Snooker A52Falcons C
Stump Cross Inn35Spot On Sneinton
Kings End Association45Irish Club Bandits
Ashfordby Amateurs35Slough Irish Club
Ley Inn53Spot on X Sheffield
Alty Allstars05Riverside Snooker C
Daventry Working Mens25Parkway Sports & L B
Legends Pool Club35Rileys Rocks
Riverside Pool Club35Jordans A
Parade X50The Herald R
Corn Exchange Snooker54Rileys Indy 1
Harrys Heros51United Sports Bar
Ellistowm W.M.C.25Breakers Z
Alma53Drum & Monkey Z
Millsbrough House54Vauxhall Inn B
Players Bashers50Rileys Luton A
The Swan25Spot On Sheffield B
Shepwell Green Social53Topps Wine Bar
Brooklands Hotel B45Barking Pool Club A
N Lopham Kings Head15The Dart A
Lady Jane A15Rileys Worcester
The William Twigg51All 4 Jack
Fife St. W.M.C15Kings Arms
The Cavalier15Snooker Centre Z
Corby Snooker & Pool53Wheelrights Arms
Rileys B.B.B.35Tables B
The Hyne Hoit54Junction Inn B
Kiststead Misfits53Rileys A
The Q Room05Club 147
Halfway House A15Drum & Monkey V
Rileys Luton B53Q Room Cheddars
Wykin Club A35Fountain Inn
Paulton Rovers Social51Royal B.Legion Redruth
Diss Cue Club A54Parkway D
Heathgates52The Bay Horse
Q Tips25The Conny Club A
Round 3
Woadmans Arms45Ambassador Snker Club
Rileys A15Beacon Inn A
Royal Oak52Jordans
Man on the Moon35Queen Charlotte
Rileys Indy 225The Pineapple
Rileys Brighton51Alty Allstars
Coronation Hotel52Bulls Head
Lake Lothing A53The Jacks
Barking Pool Club C05Seahorse B
Royal Oak35The Limetree
JFK'S Elite52The Grapes
Club 147 X52The Dart B
Rileys Threasydoesit35Midland Snooker Wolves
Spot On B50Folkstone Snooker X
Folkestone Snooker A45Spot On Sneinton
Irish Club Bandits35Slough Irish Club
Ley Inn53Riverside Snooker C
Parkway Sports & L B54Rileys Rocks
Jordans A51Parade X
Corn Exchange Snooker15Harrys Heros
Breakers Z15Alma
Millsbrough House35Players Bashers
Spot On Sheffield B51Shepwell Green Social
Barking Pool Club A15The Dart A
Rileys Worcester53The William Twigg
Kings Arms52Snooker Centre Z
Corby Snooker & Pool52Tables B
The Hyne Hoit53Kiststead Misfits
Club 14750Drum & Monkey V
Rileys Luton B52Fountain Inn
Paulton Rovers Social35Diss Cue Club A
Heathgates51The Conny Club A
Last 32
Ambassador Snker Club45Beacon Inn A
Royal Oak51Queen Charlotte
The Pineapple35Rileys Brighton
Coronation Hotel25Lake Lothing A
Seahorse B35The Limetree
JFK'S Elite45Club 147 X
Midland Snooker Wolves15Spot On B
Spot On Sneinton25Slough Irish Club
Ley Inn53Parkway Sports & L B
Jordans A54Harrys Heros
Alma53Players Bashers
Spot On Sheffield B15The Dart A
Rileys Worcester51Kings Arms
Corby Snooker & Pool53The Hyne Hoit
Club 14754Rileys Luton B
Diss Cue Club A54Heathgates
Last 16
Beacon Inn A15Royal Oak
Rileys Brighton51Lake Lothing A
The Limetree51Club 147 X
Spot On B53Slough Irish Club
Ley Inn54Jordans A
Alma25The Dart A
Rileys Worcester15Corby Snooker & Pool
Club 14752Diss Cue Club A
Quarter Final
Royal Oak53Rileys Brighton
The Limetree54Spot On B
Ley Inn53The Dart A
Corby Snooker & Pool54Club 147
Semi Final
Royal Oak05The Limetree
Ley Inn05Corby Snooker & Pool
The Limetree53Corby Snooker & Pool
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