EPA-Logo-New-Full-Colour Recognised by Sport England as the Governing Body for Pool in England Sport-England-Badge

Golden Cue
The Diamond Inn25British Legion Straton
Brooklands Hotel E35Four Horseshoes
Rileys B Chorlton45Gangsters Pool B
Kings End Assc. Club51Snooker Falcons
Generous Briton25Arms Hotel Kendal
Rileys Oxford52Manor House Hotel A
Epson Epson51Gangsters Pool A
The Watchmaker50Commarades B
Morley International A53Drum & Monkey B
Swallow B Andover15United Sports Bar
Club 147 Leicester05Three Crowns A
Rileys C Worcester54Union Tavern Salford
P J's Pool Hall50Slip End Social A
Conservative Club Bou.53Slough Irish Slough
Volunteer B15Spot On Snooker
The Davy Lamp B50Crossways Tavern
Sportsman Braintree52Windsor Castle
Double D's Tewksbury35Lucky Kiss Bude
Norman Snooker A50Sports Club A Blyth
Bull Inn Dover51Davy Lamp C Ilkeston
Our Lady's Parish Club51Elizabethan B Welford
Frames Weston-S-Mare50Rileys A Chesterfield
Mr Pools Colchester51Gorecourt Arms A
Volunteer Wellingboro54Tables Mad Potters
Cambridge Hunter Eyne50Three Crowns B
Spot On Pool A52Rileys Wigan
Masters Snooker Club35Rileys Harlow
Queen Charlotte05Swann Inn
Fife W/mans Club54Buck Hotel A
Rileys B Chesterfield51Union Jack London
LMRCA Rugby25Snooker Centre A Hckly
Bulls Head Dewsbury35Drum & Monkey C
The Swallow A Andover50The Pineapple Inn A
Rileys Northampton54The Punch Bowl
Seahorse B Whitley Bay25Cue Room A Ilkeston
Smugglers Inn50West Hill Club A
Gatehouse Tyldesley15Thoresby Welfare
Tables Long Shots54Conservative Club Tru.
St. Ausustines A51Waggon & Horses Chesh.
Hustlers A Hull52Pool Club Zs Barking
Junction Inn Hyde15J F K's Elite
Seahorse A Whitley Bay54Corn Exchange Snooker
Snooker Centre E Attle53Irish Club Z Slough
Herald Snooker50Noals Arms
Rileys Altringham25The Anchors Aces
Avonmill A Rugby25Snooker Club Hinckley
Rileys A Wigan50Snooker Club X
Cue Club Diss54Crown Inn M.Harboro
The Anchor Bideford15The Venue Witham
Coronation Hotel53Elizabethan A Welford
Wheelwright Arms Dover25Corn Exchange A Derby
Football Club15Pewter Pot Rotherham
Fishpool Bury0WSnooker Centre N Attle
The Brittania Marlow51Palace Snooker
The Squirells B45Midland Railway Syston
Snooker Club Maidstone25Drum & Monkey A
Masters Pool Basford05O'Donnells Birkenhead
Shears Wantage35White Lion Beeston
Cue Club Dimchurch0WAmbassador Snooker
Shades A Hatfield15Pool/Snooker A Chatham
Social Club Carterton15Hustlers Fools Hull
Cue Club B Horninglow53Pool Club C Barking
Cues PoolClub Crediton50Lady Haig R.B.L.
Cricketers Arms Oxford50Lady Jane B Whitwick
Round 1
Boston Arms London50Rileys B Wigan
Cherry Tree Calverton51Man On The Moon
Battle of Trafalgar52Southill Snooker
Workingmens Club35Travellers Rest
Rileys A Peterboro52Four Horseshoes B
Altered Egos A51Bridgehouse B
Unwins Social Sutton53Junction Inn Denshaw
Regency ClubA Lincoln45Snooker Club A
Snooker Centre Newmrkt25The Engine A Coalville
The Globe Bramley0WGolden Horse Northants
The Railway A Bognor45Riverside Pool Club
147 Snooker Swindon35Milford Club Milford
Hospital ClubA Evesham25Midland Snooker B
Riverside Snooker Club51St. Augustines
Royal Oak Llanelli50Bulls Head Dewsbury
Cue World Grimsby25Mile Oak Inn
Community Assco Hull52Duke of York Oldham
Benels Desborough25Waggon & Horses Boreh.
Conservative Club Thet45Rudi's Bar Worthing
Rileys A Worcester0WRileys C Peterboro
Savoy Snooker25Drum & Monkey Ipswich
Corner Pin Coalville35Rileys C Norwich
The Parade Nuneaton50The Rose Hotel Deal
Rileys WorcesterW0Sports Club B Blyth
Macmillans Halifax25Wykin Club B Hinckley
Woadmans Arms Wisbech50Rose & Crown B
United Services Club51Spring St Club Rugby
Cross KeysA Canterbury05The Venue Wisbech
Stanford Arms Lowestft35Players P/S Club
Hospital ClubB Evesham15Artisans Guildford
White Lion Cambridge0WPrince of Wales B Leek
The Wheatsheaf Rowley52Snooker Centre B Attle
Riverside Pool Club54Woodcombe Club
Q Club A Horninglow53Midland Snooker Bilstn
Rileys A Aldringham45The Venue A Wisbech
British Rail Club52Milford Club A Milford
Snooker Club A Portsm.05Snooker Club A Chich.
Liberal Club A25Barnet Pool Club A
Prince of Wales A Leek52Soldier & Sailors
Reds Coventry05Epson 2 Epson
Irish Club X's Slough35Rileys D Peterborough
Merlins Gt Yarmouth25Spot On Sneinton
The Oak Whitwick45Rileys Cannock
J F K's Elite A45Rileys Rugeley
The Cricketers Wollatn15Players P/S New-u-Lyme
PJ's C Stourbridge51Rileys B Worcester
Irish Club B Slough25Shepwell Green
The Beacon Loughboro52Vectis A Newport IOW
Rileys Potters Norwich50Snooker Cent A S/cotes
Queen Charlotte A05King St Run Cambridge
Snooker Club E. Leeds05The Union Jack A
Rileys B Norwich15Maidstone S/C A
Barking Pool Club A45Royal Oak Nuneaton
Sportman A Cambridge45Vectis B Newport IOW
Suzy Q's Croyden53Longe Arms Spixworth
Live & Let Live35Sportsman Boston
Bush Inn A Hyde05Corner Pin A Coalville
Market Inn Faversham54Masters Pool A Basford
Bulls Head Whetstone50Mr Pools A Colchester
The Masters Basford51Hammersmith Club
Corn Exchange B Derby53Red River Club Barrow
Moorends Comrades51Rileys Nottingham
Rileys Gillingham05Sportman B Cambridge
Cross KeysA Canterbury15Breakers Worksop
Station Hotel Friday35Normans S/Club C
Spot On Netherfield35Brooklands Hotel C
Punchbowl Sheffield53The Railway Bognor
The Tulip Chelmsford15Hinckley S/Club X
Rileys Ponda Notts53Snooker Centre D Attle
Brooklands Hotel B35PJ Pool Hall A
Alma Deal15Club 147 A Leicester
Rileys S/C C Wigan53W.M.S.C Flimby
Benks Leek54VIP Club Littlehampton
Snooker Centre C Attle53Ex Servicemans B
Snooker Centre Cambs35Buck Hotel B
Trades & Social05Lake Lothing Lowestoft
Delaneys Bar Leeds15Rileys Legends Norwich
Drum & Monkey V15Snooker Club Folkeston
Red Lion Golborne15Locomotive Stoke
S/Centre Robins Attle50Midland S/C A Bilston
Rileys A Norwich51Hazelwood House
Club147 CB's Leicester50Halfway House
Mile Rd Club Kempston15Cue Club Diss
Summer House25Norman Snooker Stars
Bulls Head St. Neots50The White Hart Brigg
Hatfield Arms B52Rose & Crown Haverhill
Alladins Lamp A51Sportsman S/C B
Rileys Rejects Norwich05The George & Dragon
British Legion Colne45Miscues Barnsley
Ryder Club Halifax25Silver Fox Norwich
New Triangle A50Slip End Social Club
Norman Snooker50Pewter Pot A Rotherham
Merlins A Gt. Yarmouth05Norman Snooker B
Halfway House Halifax25The Ley Inn Fulwood
Morley International45Rileys A Guilford
Foresters Arms B54Queens Head Huddsfield
British Legion Straton52Cricketers Arms Oxford
Four Horseshoes15Cues PoolClub Crediton
Gangsters Pool B25Cue Club B Horninglow
Kings End Assc. Club51Hustlers Fools Hull
Arms Hotel Kendal52Pool/Snooker A Chatham
Rileys Oxford35Ambassador Snooker
Epson Epson45White Lion Beeston
The Watchmaker15O'Donnells Birkenhead
Morley International A45Drum & Monkey A
United Sports Bar35Midland Railway Syston
Three Crowns A51The Brittania Marlow
Rileys C Worcester52Snooker Centre N Attle
P J's Pool Hall35Pewter Pot Rotherham
Conservative Club Bou.53Corn Exchange A Derby
Spot On Snooker15Coronation Hotel
The Davy Lamp B05The Venue Witham
Sportsman Braintree35Cue Club Diss
Lucky Kiss Bude15Rileys A Wigan
Norman Snooker A45Snooker Club Hinckley
Bull Inn Dover45The Anchors Aces
Our Lady's Parish Club35Herald Snooker
Frames Weston-S-Mare54Snooker Centre E Attle
Mr Pools Colchester53Seahorse A Whitley Bay
Volunteer Wellingboro25J F K's Elite
Cambridge Hunter Eyne52Hustlers A Hull
Spot On Pool A51St. Ausustines A
Rileys Harlow25Tables Long Shots
Swann Inn54Thoresby Welfare
Fife W/mans Club52Smugglers Inn
Rileys B Chesterfield45Cue Room A Ilkeston
Snooker Centre A Hckly15Rileys Northampton
Drum & Monkey C52The Swallow A Andover
Round 2
Boston Arms London35Riverside Pool Club
Cherry Tree Calverton53Q Club A Horninglow
Battle of Trafalgar53The Venue A Wisbech
Travellers Rest52British Rail Club
Rileys A Peterboro50Snooker Club A Chich.
Altered Egos A52Barnet Pool Club A
Unwins Social Sutton15Prince of Wales A Leek
Snooker Club A15Epson 2 Epson
The Engine A Coalville35Rileys D Peterborough
Golden Horse Northants05Spot On Sneinton
Riverside Pool Club25Rileys Cannock
Milford Club Milford25Rileys Rugeley
Midland Snooker B25Players P/S New-u-Lyme
Riverside Snooker Club35PJ's C Stourbridge
Royal Oak Llanelli05Shepwell Green
Mile Oak Inn35The Beacon Loughboro
Community Assco Hull15Rileys Potters Norwich
Waggon & Horses Boreh.52King St Run Cambridge
Rudi's Bar Worthing50The Union Jack A
Rileys C Peterboro51Maidstone S/C A
Drum & Monkey Ipswich53Royal Oak Nuneaton
Rileys C Norwich45Vectis B Newport IOW
The Parade Nuneaton15Suzy Q's Croyden
Rileys Worcester15Sportsman Boston
Wykin Club B Hinckley51Corner Pin A Coalville
Woadmans Arms Wisbech52Market Inn Faversham
United Services Club45Bulls Head Whetstone
The Venue Wisbech15The Masters Basford
Players P/S Club15Corn Exchange B Derby
Artisans Guildford52Moorends Comrades
Prince of Wales B Leek45Sportman B Cambridge
The Wheatsheaf Rowley15Breakers Worksop
Normans S/Club C15British Legion Straton
Brooklands Hotel C45Cues PoolClub Crediton
Punchbowl Sheffield05Cue Club B Horninglow
Hinckley S/Club X54Kings End Assc. Club
Rileys Ponda Notts35Arms Hotel Kendal
PJ Pool Hall A25Ambassador Snooker
Club 147 A Leicester52White Lion Beeston
Rileys S/C C Wigan15O'Donnells Birkenhead
Benks Leek25Drum & Monkey A
Snooker Centre C Attle05Midland Railway Syston
Buck Hotel B15Three Crowns A
Lake Lothing Lowestoft25Rileys C Worcester
Rileys Legends Norwich35Pewter Pot Rotherham
Snooker Club Folkeston53Conservative Club Bou.
Locomotive Stoke05Coronation Hotel
S/Centre Robins Attle35The Venue Witham
Rileys A Norwich45Cue Club Diss
Club147 CB's Leicester53Rileys A Wigan
Cue Club Diss45Snooker Club Hinckley
Norman Snooker Stars45The Anchors Aces
Bulls Head St. Neots53Herald Snooker
Hatfield Arms B05Frames Weston-S-Mare
Alladins Lamp A51Mr Pools Colchester
The George & Dragon25J F K's Elite
Miscues Barnsley50Cambridge Hunter Eyne
Silver Fox Norwich15Spot On Pool A
New Triangle A45Tables Long Shots
Norman Snooker53Swann Inn
Norman Snooker B45Fife W/mans Club
The Ley Inn Fulwood53Cue Room A Ilkeston
Rileys A Guilford54Rileys Northampton
Foresters Arms B15Drum & Monkey C
Round 3
Riverside Pool Club52Cherry Tree Calverton
Battle of Trafalgar50Travellers Rest
Rileys A Peterboro53Altered Egos A
Prince of Wales A Leek45Epson 2 Epson
Rileys D Peterborough35Spot On Sneinton
Rileys Cannock54Rileys Rugeley
Players P/S New-u-Lyme15PJ's C Stourbridge
Shepwell Green50The Beacon Loughboro
Rileys Potters Norwich52Waggon & Horses Boreh.
Rudi's Bar Worthing15Rileys C Peterboro
Drum & Monkey Ipswich15Vectis B Newport IOW
Suzy Q's Croyden35Sportsman Boston
Wykin Club B Hinckley54Woadmans Arms Wisbech
Bulls Head Whetstone05The Masters Basford
Corn Exchange B Derby52Artisans Guildford
Sportman B Cambridge35Breakers Worksop
British Legion Straton35Cues PoolClub Crediton
Cue Club B Horninglow53Hinckley S/Club X
Arms Hotel Kendal25Ambassador Snooker
Club 147 A Leicester54O'Donnells Birkenhead
Drum & Monkey A05Midland Railway Syston
Three Crowns A50Rileys C Worcester
Pewter Pot Rotherham52Snooker Club Folkeston
Coronation Hotel35The Venue Witham
Cue Club Diss53Club147 CB's Leicester
Snooker Club Hinckley25The Anchors Aces
Bulls Head St. Neots53Frames Weston-S-Mare
Alladins Lamp A35J F K's Elite
Miscues Barnsley53Spot On Pool A
Tables Long Shots25Norman Snooker
Fife W/mans Club45The Ley Inn Fulwood
Rileys A Guilford45Drum & Monkey C
Last 32
Riverside Pool Club25Battle of Trafalgar
Rileys A Peterboro50Epson 2 Epson
Spot On Sneinton51Rileys Cannock
PJ's C Stourbridge53Shepwell Green
Rileys Potters Norwich35Rileys C Peterboro
Vectis B Newport IOW45Sportsman Boston
Wykin Club B Hinckley35The Masters Basford
Corn Exchange B Derby25Breakers Worksop
Cues PoolClub Crediton05Cue Club B Horninglow
Ambassador Snooker53Club 147 A Leicester
Midland Railway Syston25Three Crowns A
Pewter Pot Rotherham45The Venue Witham
Cue Club Diss45The Anchors Aces
Bulls Head St. Neots25J F K's Elite
Miscues Barnsley52Norman Snooker
The Ley Inn Fulwood35Drum & Monkey C
Last 16
Battle of Trafalgar52Rileys A Peterboro
Spot On Sneinton35PJ's C Stourbridge
Rileys C Peterboro45Sportsman Boston
The Masters Basford35Breakers Worksop
Cue Club B Horninglow25Ambassador Snooker
Three Crowns A53The Venue Witham
The Anchors Aces25J F K's Elite
Miscues Barnsley54Drum & Monkey C
Quarter Final
Battle of Trafalgar35PJ's C Stourbridge
Sportsman Boston52Breakers Worksop
Ambassador Snooker25Three Crowns A
J F K's Elite54Miscues Barnsley
Semi Final
PJ's C Stourbridge25Sportsman Boston
Three Crowns A54J F K's Elite
Sportsman Boston 5 2 Three Crowns A
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