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Mens Individual - 2003
First Round   Last 32   Last 16   Quarter Finals   Semi Finals   Final  
A. Turner (Northants) 3 Tim Williamson Tim Williamson  Tim Williamson   Tim Williamson    Tim Williamson 
Tim Williamson (Oxon) 5
Peter Mullaney (Norfolk) 5 Peter Mullaney
Phil Dyer (Suffolk) 3
Dean Torode (West Sussex) 3 Jamie Kitchen Jamie Kitchen 
Jamie Kitchen (Kent) 5
Ian Owen (Notts) o Andy Collett
Andy Collett (Herts) w
Scott Yardley (Berks) 5 Scott Yardley Scott Yardley  Scott Yardley 
Mick Scott (Tyne & Wear) 1
Tony Morgan (Cambs) Tony Morgan 
Chris Reckord (West Midlands)
Trevor Proctor (Cumbria) o John Sullivan Lee Smith 
John Sullivan (London) w
Lee Smith (South Yorks) 5 Lee Smith
Darren Magor (Surrey) 0
Carl Clack (Norfolk) 1 Shaun Southon Steve Kane  Martyn Curston  Steve Woodier  
Shaun Southon (East Sussex) 5
Steve Kane (Essex) w Steve Kane
Lee McShane (Cambs) o
Danny Miller (Herts) 3 Lee Howitt 3 Martyn Curston 
Lee Howitt (Notts) 5
Bayden Jackson (Notts) 4 Martyn Curston
Martyn Curston (Norfolk) 5
Paul Cox (Beds) o John Auchterlonie Daniel Hawkins  Steve Woodier  5
John Auchterlonie (Cambs) w
Shane Balding (Lincs) 4 Daniel Hawkins
Daniel Hawkins (West Yorks) 5
David Robinson (Lancs) David Robinson  Steve Woodier 
Dean Wisher (London)
Graham Hewlett (Somerset) 1 Steve Woodier
Steve Woodier (Cleveland) 5
Jimmy Smith (Lancs) 4 Sanjay Pattel Richard Lambert  David Minister   Dave Arnold  Nick Davey 
Sanjay Pattel (Manchester) 5
Richard Lambert (Surrey) 5 Richard Lambert
Richie Foxhall (West Mids) 4
Gary Francis (Glos) Gary Francis  David Minister 
Paul Condron (Cheshire)
Geoff Lever (West Yorks) 0 David Minister
David Minister (Bucks) 5
Paul Hawkins (Cheshire) David Wileman  David Wileman  Dave Arnold 
David Wileman (Leics)
Lee Clough (Lancs) Lee Clough 
Andy Breen (London)
Ady Bonser (Cambs) Ady Bonser  Dave Arnold  
Phil Cullingford (Suffolk)
Bradley Canham (Essex) Dave Arnold 
Dave Arnold (Worcester)
Ian Wilkinson (Lincs) Steve Weatherby  Mark Ash  Nick Davey  Nick Davey  
Steve Weatherby (West Yorks)
Mark Quigley (East Yorks) Mark Ash 
Mark Ash (West Mids)
Michael Puntschart (Essex) Michael Puntschart  Nick Davey 
Paul Waterfield (West Mids)
Nick Davey (Merseyside) Nick Davey 
Andrew Budd (Kent)
Jason Hill (Lancs) Jason Hill  Jason Norris  Jason Norris  
David Norris (Kent)
Ian Harle (Lancs) Jason Norris 
Jason Norris (Surrey)
Gavin Preskey (South Yorks) Gavin Preskey  Gavin Preskey 
Anthony Death (Staffs)
Sean Yates (Surrey) Russell Frame   
Russell Frame (Devon)